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Real Madrid have enough money to buy Mbappe and Haaland


La Liga president Javier Tebas affirmed that the real madrid has very strong finances, enough to sign both Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.
90ptv “Real Madrid earns 200 million euros in 2020 from the sale of players. The team has the money to sign Mbappe and Haaland," said the first person in La Liga in second place (September 13).
Javier Tebas added: "Real Madrid did not lose a game and above all, sold very good strikers.
It is difficult to understand that a team (PSG) with a loss of 400 million euros in 2020, carrying a salary of 500 million euros, rejected an offer for Mbappe.
French football loses control of the (financial) rules, to the detriment of the European market bet168
In the summer transfer that ended at the end of August, PSG refused to 'release' Mbappe even though they were ready to satisfy the number of 220 million euros in Europe's biggest football tournament as they wanted.
The La Liga president also mentioned Barca letting Messi go. He insists, banthangtv it is not for financial reasons, because if it is to promote money, the Catalan club completely has a way to solve the tournament!