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Re: Eliminating dining rooms


Hi guys,
With the flexie dining coming in, what do you think of my new suggestion, of the future cruise ships, eliminate the dining rooms for more cabins, just keep the buffet open, that way no one has to hurry back from shore excursions, shower and rush to the dining room for dinner, the buffet is faster, and people can eat and get on, no need for the maitre'd or waiters, as they would be a waste of time.



Sorry but I LIKE dining rooms with waiters in smart uniforms & gloves on formal nights. I like dressing up for formal evenings and getting to know the people on my (preferably large) table. I find buffets don't offer the culinary opportunities of a full menu and frequently stick with a limited selection of dishes - breakfasts are the classic example of this.

Give me a PROPER dining experience with a group of people I can get to know over a cruise.

I'm not a fan of freestyle dining either if you missed it!!

Let's get back to the classic experience of great food and stunning service - please (at no extra cost)!

(and that's why I prefer to sail with Olsen)


Sometimes open dining is useful...for example my next cruise I have a 10 hour long shorex and I can bet we will be marathon running to get back to the ship and sorted before dinner. I might well use the buffet that night, although murphy's law says it will be a formal night :rolleyes:


Hi Gottacruz:)
Well I'm another Dining room with waiters person.
But have to admit that I believe your idea is not far off the mark. There will definitely be cruise lines which will head in that direction. When you think about it, it must be a cheaper option for the cruise lines. There are already some ships where you only get waiter service if you pay for it, otherwise it's self service.


The day they close the Dining Room will be the day I stop cruising. If I want the kind of experience suggested, I'll use McDonalds!!


I like to have a choice of either dining room or buffet. I like the dining room, but it is nice to be different sometimes. Usually I use the dining room at night and the buffet at lunchtimes (unless the a la carte menu in the dining room is good on a specific day).

I also tend to use the buffet on the first night...especially if I have had a longhaul flight, just too tired to be waited on (I think it will be the case on all of my next cruises, as all are longhaul flights)...shorthall flights or UK ported cruises then its dining room from first night out.

I wouldn't want to lose either dining choice...dining room or buffet as they each have their merits according to how I feel each day.


I much prefer the dining room. After all I have to "serve myself" everynight at home. I also love meeting my new tablemates many of whom I am still in touch with.