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RC Majesty of the Seas is not changing the beds between cruises


My husband and I took a group cruise with couples on the RC Majesty of the Seas for Valentines Day. I have always told people that Royal Caribbean is the top cruise line in my opinion. this was my 11th or 12th Cruise. Unfortunately, in the middle of the first night I threw off the covers to get up and I find a blood stained bandage in the bed. I am appalled and sickened. I go to the desk and tell them at 4am. The supervisor of the room people comes and talks with me about 9 am. I tell him what happened and show him the bandage. He apologizes and tells me they will changes my sheets everyday. My question is why did you not change them before i got on the ship. He takes the blood stained bandage and leaves and comes back later with a bottle of wine. (I do not drink). My health has been risked by being in contact with someone else's blood and all RC offers me is a bottle of wine and after i reject that $25 ship credit. I was very calm and did not act a fool. maybe if i had of screamed and told everyone on the ship and showed them the pictures then they would have done something. Later when i go to the desk again because nothing had been done the desk person gives me $100 shipboard credit. I am really disappointed that nothing more was done for me nor did they really care that this was a health risk and they did not seem surprised that their sheets are not being changed. when i get home i email RCCI and I have attached the response. I should have shown the pictures all around the ship, but i did not because i thought Royal Caribbean cared that i am a frequent cruiser with them. Since they did not seem to care I am going to see if any news stations or media outlets will run my story. A blood stained bandage is just nasty.

RCCI's response.

Dear Mrs. Rutledge:

As a Crown & Anchor Society Platinum member, we especially value your patronage of Royal Caribbean International and appreciate this opportunity to address your concerns. Please accept our apologies for the delay in our response.

We are very sorry to learn of the unfortunate incident experienced. We never want our guests to go through this type of difficulty during their time with us. It is important that we provide a clean and inviting atmosphere and we are sorry that this situation impacted your vacation. Your frustration is understandable. Rest assured that your comments will be shared with our operational teams for their internal review. We do our best to make improvements in the areas where our guests feel they are most needed.

Additionally, we regret to learn of your dissatisfaction with the onboard offer. Our shipboard team works to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible, so that our guests may enjoy the remainder of their time with us. While we are unable to offer additional compensation, we hope you and your husband will join us again soon.

Mrs. Rutledge, thank you for the time you have taken to write to us. We truly hope to have the opportunity of welcoming you and Mr. Rutledge back again.


Wiscidra Jackson
Corporate Guest Relations Advocate


Not that this makes it any better but what if it came off the maid changing your sheets .....still gross

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