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Prinsendam - abandoned yacht "Triple Stars" reported to authorities in Bermuda


Just as Seabourn Sojourn did a few days ago, Prinsendam has also seen "Triple Stars" up close off Bermuda.

The yacht was seen and photographed from Prinsendam intact and apparently undamaged despite the tragedy of November 11, 2011 when the owner's wife was swept off deck during bad weather, the owner was taken off by another vessel.

It is unknown what is to be done with the yacht at this stage, hopefully she will be taken under tow to Bermuda before she causes an accident.

More here :

Cruise Ship Discovers Abandoned Yacht | Bernews.com

Looking at the photo, she looks in pretty good shape....makes you wonder what prompted her owner to abandon her and not get her to port after his wife went over the side.....very strange...


He might have been in shock or simply wanted nothing to do with his boat ever again after losing his wife. I'm surprised it's not being towed to clear the shippng lanes.


What a sad story this is. I cannot imagine what must have been going through his head out there on a wide, wide sea after watching his wife disappear. No yacht or boat has any meaning, I imagine, after suffering that loss.

lancashire lass

The boat does look in good shape, the genny seems a bit battered ,but I imagine the owner wants nothing to do with it after losing his wife.
Very sad .