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Ports Of Call: Skjolden, Norway



This is my first port video of this cruise. On the second port of call we visited on our one week cruise of the Norwegian Fjords onboard the Adventure Of The Seas, we stopped off at Skjolden, Norway. This is a beautiful port to visit, mainly due to the stunning sights of mountains and lakes around the port. I believe that the port is only capable of holding one cruise ship at a time so you wont be seeing any other ships whilst in this port. But don't let that put you off for a second because this was my favourite port of the cruise! Now as far as trips go, i'm not sure what Skjolden has to offer, but without any trips it is still a great port of call. You can walk around the port and see some great sights, both of the nature and the ship. Some shops and pubs, as well as a hotel are located here as well.