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Port Canaveral webcam


Fishlips looks really good fun, Bo, a great place to get together before or after a cruise :bounce:

The webcam is brilliant aswell...nice finds, thank you :)



I've never seen this webcam before. Its nice seeing a ship I've been on before (at the moment)--Monarch of the Seas. Boy she must be getting quite old--at least 15 years or so.


Port Canaveral New Webcam From Port Authority

This is really nice, now you can see the turning basin from a different angle. They're working on one cam for the construction site at Pier 6. BTW, you can decide how fast you want the cam to go in seconds or minutes. There is not a control button to move around to see more ships at the port. I got a capture for you so you'll see what the view is like.

Port Canaveral Cruise Cam
Turning Basin03042012.jpg