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Pirates in Somalian waters again!


Yeah got to be kidding me. Is that a late April fools joke??? :shock:

Son of a nut cracker. Who would of though that this would be possible at this point in time.

Hopefully the crew going to be ok.




No April Fools Day joke Marc! These stories are unfortunately becoming all too regular in our news here! :duh:


Jackie...don't think your holiday will be threatened! Quite unfortunate and devestating for all those involved.

We are (unfortunately) well used to 'boat people' in Oz and their desperate attempts to leave another life behind, usually at the hands of unscrupulous 'people movers'. They must be abolsolutely devoid of any hope to attempt such a risky venture at sea.

Jackie said:
Anything is possible in this day & age.
Remember 9/11 & 7/7 And now this:


and I was looking forward to my holiday! ( a kind???? neighbour brought me a newspaper cutting of the above):duh: