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Permission to Come Aboard, Captain


I am new here and would like to introduce myself. I have enjoyed reading your posts but I am still trying to understand how to post correctly and send pictures. I've been to Bermuda 17
times (3 by cruise) and have many friends there. BDAgirl has been my nickname for a long time so I will use BDAdaughter here as BDACruiser belongs to someone else.

After I retired last year I began spending more time on my pc. Being thoroughly addicted to cruising I was fascinated by what was available online. Last fall I came across the NCL cams by accident - and started watching them and downloading a few pix. I got so into
it I started searching for more. I thought I was the only one checking these cams constantly and downloading to the point where I have massive folders and subfolders. I just started
reading this forum a few weeks ago and find I am not alone after all.

July will bring my 4th cruise, my first on Explorer. I did Zenith 2x and Empress once.
I have been living with a physical disability since birth but it doesn’t slow me down. It means I must use a motorized wheelchair all the time and carefully choose my holiday sites. I can't easily do tenders or places with stairs, and no longer fly - just cruise now. I have to book well in advance as there are few cabins with doorways wide enough for a wheelchair. The newer ships have more cabins but they're more expensive too. Since I live in Connecticut I tend
to look for cruises I can reach by car out of the NY area. I would love to travel to more places and do so now by bridge and port cams.


Master of the Vessel
Welcome Aboard BDADaughter ;)

Very koool of you to join us. You will learn the ins and outs of the forum including the posting of photographs and captures. We look forward to hearing from you often and perhaps gaining additional insight into Bermuda.



Welcome, BDAdaughter! You have found a forum with a great group of people from all over the world! Enjoy!

I have only been to Bermuda three times (all three times on cruises) and I loved it! I hope to visit there again one day.



BDADaughter. Welcome aboard and we know you will love these people. they are the greatest. Dig out those pictures you have stashed if folders and post them. We will all enjoy them.:)


Hi there,

17 times to Bermuda !!!!! :joy:

The nearest I have been to Bermuda is to put on a pair of shorts.

I would love to visit, everyone says it is great.

You have picked the best way to travel. :luv:

1. Actual cruise

2. Watching the webcams and talking to all of us erudite, lovely, fascinating
( am I laying it on too thick ? )...well we do have fun and so will you.

Be sure to post with us, let us get to know you.

The more voices posting, the more fun we will have. 8)


Welcome aboard BDAdaughter - great to have you 'sailing' with us! :green: Like Dani, I haven't visited Bermuda, so would love to see some of your photos.



Yep, one near-miss in 1984 :)shock: ) and I haven't attempted to return....one day I'll make it :D
Kiwi Kruzer said:
You nearly made it Robyn......what a pity it was too rough for the pilot to come out and guide us all in on Canberra .


Welcome BDA daughter.
I particuarly love to hear of others cruising experiences, so would welcome a report on the Krooz Reports section( complete with pictures if possible)


Welcome from me too!:joy: I got involved the same way as you - looking at webcams! though my cruising is of a different kind on the English canals on a narrowboat! I have yet to experience the great white swans of the ocean.

Since I still live in the town where I was born, I too love travelling on the cams and love the little windows on the world that we get from them.8)

This is a wonderful bunch of folks from right round the globe and I would like to think that the most important thing about us is the friendship and respect, then the krooozing of course! :D

You have just come aboard one of the best ships in the world! Enjoy the ride!

Poppy :)

P.S. Have a look at the Cam-Art thread, maybe you will have some contributions?;)


Hi BDAdaughter, welcome to Kroooz-Forums, we are sure that you will enjoy reading the posts from all the people that belong here, please contribute many many yourself, we look forward to reading about your adventures. :joy: :joy:


Welcome BDAdaughter..... I hope you'll enjoy the site as much as we have.. Jeff does a great job and there is alot of info. here... Enjoy:D


Welcome BDAdaughter. This is a great site! Tons of info available and everyone here is helpful when you have a question or ask for some advice. Enjoy the site!