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Panama Canal


Staff member
If you ever get the chance you should take a cruise through the Panama Canal at least once. I know many cruises go in the Caribbean side and then back out but I personally believe you need to go completely through the Panama Canal for the true experience.

The Canal is extremely hot and humid but well worth the trip. To see that still to this day two men row out to your ship to get the lines from the ship that will help guide it through the Canal. To see your ship rise and fall as other ships in the Canal rise and lower next to you. To know at one point you could step right off the ship onto the Canal, but don't do it, to seeing nothing but a canal wall in front of you or being stories above the canal. I have video from my room as our ship raised and lowered through the canal. I have been through the canal several times and hope to go again someday. It is a facinating thing to see and experience.

If you ever get to go through the canal keep in mind you will have to acclimate your camera's before taking pictures due to the humidity.

Pam in CA

I agree. I've done the full transit several times and the partial once. The last time I did the full transit was in October. You're right. It was very humid and threatened rain but we missed the rain showers. I did the small boat transit while we were at anchor in Fuerte Amador where you could touch the sides of the Canal. On transit day, I spent the day outdoors on an upper deck and had a much better view if the third Canal construction.