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Panama Canal - Partial or Full Transit?


Hi all. I want to take hubby on a Panama Canal cruise. I've done it before, full transit. There seems to be an abundance of partial transit cruises that have more interesting Western ports than going through the Caribbean. Is there a big difference between a partial transit and a full transit? Do you still see all the same mechanics of the locks, and the little railroad thing, doing either? Sorry I'm not more technical about the workings. Thanks,Carol(If I don't respond right away it's because we're going away for a day or two.)


;) Hi,
On a partial, you only see the first set of locks going West, hang around Gatun Lake ,and retrace your steps back to the Carribean. Once you're in the lake, ships will tender people ashore for some excursions, which include a train ride thru to the westend, and back by bus to the Carribean end where you re-board the ship late evening. There are variations of those excursions.
With all of them, you miss the cruise back thru the locks and down to the pier at the '' mouth''of the Carribean.

Since you have done the full transit, you can use your own experience and draw a comparison,,,,and decide what you're missing one a partial ( IMO, a lot !!! )



From what I have read and seen a full transit is the best way to do the Panama Canal.