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Pacific Sun Sold !


I have received news from Australia overnight that the Pacific Sun has been sold !

She was built in 1986 and sailed as ' Jubilee ' for Carnival Cruises before joining the P & O Australian fleet.

She is scheduled to leave the P & O Australian fleet in June 2012.

Details of the price she was sold for and who has bought her have not at present been given.


Unrest In Western Australia

Shipping news reports from Australia say that P & O Cruises Australia have a lot of unhappy would be passengers in Western Australia.

Passengers who had booked on the cancelled Pacific Sun cruises and live in Victoria have been offered free flights to Sydney to enable them to join an alternative cruise.

Those living in Western Australia have only been offered an alternative cruise but been told they will have to pay their own air fares to join a ship in Sydney as it would be too much cost for P & O Cruises Australia to pick up !

Many are protesting to P & O that they are not getting a fair deal !

This could mean extra business for Classic International Cruises who now have their flag ship ' mv Athena ' cruising from the Western Australian port of Fremantle until April 2012.



Personally I believe Carnival Spirit's arrival next year has alot to do with Pacific Sun's departure.

Afterall, Sun is far from modern in comparison to the rest of the P&O fleet, she has had more than her fair share of problems in recent years...she was fine for the start up of P&O Australia but she is now too dated and has little or no scope for improvement without substantial financial investment...which for an old ship, she is just not viable.

Carnival Australia have had it pretty tight til now...but with the arrival of larger ships from Royal Caribbean & Celebrity, the moves on the Australasia market by HAL, Costa and now Carnival Cruise lines, Carnival Australia have had to trim back on their movements...possibly by the Australian equivalent to the UK Monopolies & Mergers Commission...too many ships operating by the same group, means a monopoly in amyone's language.

Spirit is moving down there for a currently indefinite period, sailing all year round from October 2012....I can see her being rebranded if she is successful...which since she is being refitted to suit Australasian cruising, could be indicative of a fleet transfer at a later date, or at the very least, the option to do so.

With Spirit...along with Oosterdam, Volendam, Zaandam, neoRomantica, Deliziosa, Queen Mary 2...to name but a handful of CCL Group ships downunder plus Pacific Jewel, Pearl & Dawn...there isn't room for Sun and being the oldest, she is a natural candidate for disposal.