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Pacific Coastal Cruises


Hello All!

Our "Group" in which i have successfully baited to the cruise bug, are now exploring the option of a Cruise and stay on the Pacific Coast, in Spring 2007.

Has anyone done any coastal cruises before?

Does anyone have any Ship suggestions, or possible ports not-to-be-missed?;)

Still in the planning stages, but we would love to hear from you all!

Also heard that the Norwegian Pearl will be sailing in Alaska in 2007, so perhaps a Coastal cruise on that new ship-no itineraries have been announced yet.

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you,




I have done several coastal cruises over the years. I can tell you the weather was a major factor in all of them. We left LA on one cruise in fog and never saw the blue sky till we docked in Vancouver. Oh did I say they sound the ships horn every 60 seconds in fog? Very loud to try and sit in a hot tub or outside somewhere.

I have seen force 11 storms coming up the coast. Now having said that I currently have a friend on the Ryndam and they have had a force 8 storm up the coast. They were scheduled to dock this am but that has been delayed by about 10 hours. Both the Oosterdam and Ryndam will not dock till dinner time today instead of the regular 7:00 am time.

Hal website says this:
May 2, 2006 - 2:00pm Pacific Daylight Time
Due to adverse weather conditions, which included an unusually strong headwind, the ms Oosterdam's and the ms Ryndam's arrivals in Vancouver on Wednesday, May 3, 2006, have been delayed.
The Oosterdam will now arrive at 4:00pm Disembarkation should commence at 5:00pm. Embarkation for the next cruise will begin at 8:00pm and the ship will sail at midnight. Please note that the remainder of the itinerary is unchanged.
The Ryndam will now arrive at 5:00 pm. Disembarkations should commence at 6:00pm. Embarkation for the next cruise will begin at 9:00pm and the ship will sail at midnight. Please note that the remainder of the itinerary is unchanged.
Embarking guests may check-in at Canada Place any time during the day and Holland America Line will store luggage. Guests can then enjoy the beautiful city of Vancouver, including its fantastic restaurants. Each embarking guest will receive up to US$25 reimbursement for meals. Guests will need to present their meal receipt at the Front Office once onboard.
Holland America Line apologizes for the late notice on this changing situation.
This website will be updated as more information becomes available

I am not trying to scare you off a coastal cruise but be warned the weather on the west coast in April/May is not always the best. As you live in Victoria I am not sure you got the same wind storm we had here yeaterday in Vancouver.

San Fran is a great port in and out of under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Just be sure you are prepared for the worst. :mrgreen:



Master of the Vessel
Well Aaron I've done 2 Pacific Coastal cruises. 1 was out of Los Angeles (San Pedro) end of May and it was perfect. 1st time Mercury had been to Alaska and the weather cooperated very nicely. 72° in Glacier Bay!

In 2001 I did another leaving May 1 out of San Francisco and it was miserable. You couldn't even hold an umbrella up in Juneau the winds were so bad, to say nothing of the biting cold and rain. All helicopter excursions were cancelled of course. Also if you sail out of San Francisco beware of the "potatoe patch" and unusual piece of sea you cross leaving the bay. Right before dinner it will get really rough and probably continue through the night. Very few people at dinner that night. Me??? I went to the observation lounge and leaned up against the glass as the waves and spray flew over the ship at 12 stories up.

Alaska is a crap shoot any way you look at it...and the Pacific Coast can and generally does get quite rocky. Be it coming back from Mexico or travelling North to Alaska. Travelling with the current and going South is generally much milder.



:cool: Hi, Aaron,

Both Phil and Jeff nailed it pretty good.
The Pacific coast, in Northern California // Southern Oregon more specifically, is very much prone to '' lively '' conditions at any given times of the year, more so during spring and early summer, and more so going northbound than southbound.
The episodes described by Phil are not at all unusual, and Jeff is right in suggesting southbound is a way safer bet.
We've done '' repos'' three times in late September, got seas close to glass-smooth all the way. Did one in May....yep....wouldn't want that again ( and I'm quite tolerant of high seas....). My clients ( I'm a 3/4 retired TA ) have had an 100% identical experience, ALL of them.
The current situation affecting Oosterdam & Ryndam is however the worst I've witnessed in the past 7+ years. I had seen 3, 4 hours delay before, but not 9+ like today ( and you can bet it'll be more, by the time they REALLY tie up...).Crystal Hamony, which used to do a 12 day SFO-Alaska in her hey days, routinely missed her port of call arrival Vancouver time, on the northbound sailing, by 2 hours, due to lively seas the previous day. I'd suspect the same applied to Victoria when IT was the northbound port of call in Canada.
Regal Princess time logs, off her SFO-Alaska cruises in past two years, would surely display the same pattern arriving Victoria northbound.

My suggestion ?? Aim at Spetember 2006 ....or 2007 but try to skip spring '07....

Happy sailings


Oosterdam and Ryndam are both showing up on AISLive. Even with the lag time, expect that Oosterdam has quite a bit to go yet, and Ryndam is way behind her:shock:


I noticed that Liz earlier, the good news is Oosterdam is now docked at Canada place and Ryndam is still at least 1 hour behind her.



Boy, if there was any doubt before, you guys have now dispelled it. Now
I really want to book a Coastal. I love rough water and want to see what
one of these babies can do.


Hmm I was on the Nieuw Amsterdam in 1984 coming back from mexico in a force 11 storm. We had waves going over the dow and hitting the crows nest lounge windows. They closed the outside decks. The baby grand piano looked so sad :cry: upside down in the crows nest after being tossed about. Broken glasses all over the place. This went on for 2 days, thanks but I think I will pass on it again.



Just came back from a wine shop in Pike Market place.

Mentioned cruise season starting. Guy behind the bar goes to a calendar
and says "Yeah, the Osterdam is due in here on May 6th "...

Now not having a computer to check that out, I said "oh that is great "

Now I read that it struggled up the coast and is in Canada. ( Here we are having beautiful clear weather )

So the guy behind the bar :

1. Cannot read
2. Been helping with the wine tasting too long.
3. Stupid

Take your pick....

But then if you ask for directions, everyone just moved here and knows "nuthing"...they all say it is only a few blocks...blocks that turn into miles as you trudge along....

Damum healthy city ! Ride bikes, eat organic food and recyle everything.:)


No WONDER that Ryndam was so late getting in Vancouver, yesterday.

Sailwx.info had her just northwest of Spain:roll: :duh: :duh:

Do you think that maybe the Longitude was supposed to be 126 deg. west:confused:


Thank you all for the wonderful information! We shall now have to discuss it over, and decide on what we'd like to do. I do know we have a few "fair-weather" sailors8)