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P & O's new ship in 2008


Ship's Photographer
Hi folks :)

I dont know if this is news,but anyway.....P & O are going to build a new ship whit delevery in 2008,the name on the vessel will be *Ventura* here is a link :


And for a end from me this year i give u a pic of Oceana in the wood :
Oceana gjemmer seg.JPG


Master of the Vessel
Lovely photo as always Galaxy and thank you for the link to the new P&O vessel.



Nice photo of the new P&O ship Keith, reading the jargon it seems to be a nice ship with many restraunts, but 116000 Tonnes might be a bit big for me personally.


Yeahhh CruiseDJ - I absolutely agree - waaaaay to big for this munchkin!:mad:

I really don't fancy cruising with over 3,000 other people...call me unusual, call me old-fashioned, call me a dyed-in-the-wool boring old cruiser, I'll stick to ships with...oh gosh, at least less than 2,000 pax, where I might just meet one or possibly two of the same people I happened to see the day before :whew:

I guess my style of cruising 'won't be around much anymore' (and apologies to whoever wrote that song!)

P.S. Galaxy - as usual a brilliant photo, thank you!



Have you any idea where the name "Ventura" has come from. To me it does not sound like a normal P & O name or am i missing something. I have done a check back and can't find a previous ship of this name. Perhaps you no otherwise.


There is a cruise out there for everyone but a ship this size will not be welcomed by P&O cruisers. This is aimed at attracting RCCL and Princess customers due to the increase in Southampton revenues.