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P&O Artemis August 2005


Here it isArtemis 24th August 2005

Drive down to Soton was a breeze,little or no traffic.
We had a great night out in Soton with a lovely Chinese meal at “Charlie Chansâ€on Oxford Street,followed by a few drinks on a barmy evening.
Following morning it was off to the “Mayflower Terminal†for embarkation.After settling down to a drink(it was Marions Birthday)I spotted Lyn or Lyn spotted us and we had a good chat.
Time to board at 2.30 and pose for the usual photo,before going up the gangway “homeâ€.
Bob and Sue were just round the corner on E Deck 205,for us it was up the lift to A Deck 451.
Baggage had arrived so we unpacked and then set off for the nearest bar(after checking where our dinner table was).
The Century Bar turned out to be our most visited “watering holeâ€.
4.15 came and it was time for lifeboat drill,still had people wandering round with their lifejackets on(doh).
From there we had a qick walk around and found another bar “Horizon Loungeâ€.
It was now time to change for dinner(smart casual)and met our waiters Agnelo and Dev,two great guys.
After dinner GUESS!!
The following morning the sea was a little “unsettled†and Sue was bed bound with the mal de mare(Artemis did roll a little).
Marion Bob and myself made a day of it in the Century Bar watching the test match.
That night was the Captains Dinner and it was just the three of us.
Friday was Vigo and a walk around the shops and Bob and myself found a nice little bar to wait for the ladies.
Saturday we arrive in Lisbon on a very hot day.A good walk around the city centre (a first for Marion and myself)it certainly is a beautiful city with plenty of shops!
In the distance Bob spotted Hard Rock Café so we had to call in for a look around! Marion bought me a Hard Rock Lisbon shirt to go with my Hard Rock Copenhagen one.It was lovely and cool in there so we tried a local beer or two.
Off for another walk but by then the sun was red hot so we stopped in the shade of a nice local.
Sunday was a day at sea sunbathing or in my case looking over the rail watching the water going past.
Fuertaventora was another day staying on board,we have been there before and when other people came back on board sayingâ€what did we stop here forâ€?
Tenerife was completely different and we gad a good day ashore.
Next our favourite port Madeira Bob and Sue agreed,Jackie yes we did call in at Blandys then over to the Beer House for some home brew and a Madeira steak sandwich.
Three days at sea followed ( LUXURY).One afternoon Bob and myself had a conducted tour of the full engine room,invited by the Second Chief Electrician Sues workmates brother.
It was 50 degs C but thoroughly worth it.Thank you to the Chief Engineer for letting us down there.
The cruise finished all too soon but those leisurely days at sea.
We arrived back in Soton early so that the crew could do some kind of blackout check once the passengers had disembarked.
We got off at 8.00 am only to not be able to find one of our cases.After some searching by the porters said bag was returned to us.Then on reaching the car park our car could not be found!!
We eventually got away for 9.30am.

In all Artemis is a great ship cabins were of a good size(safe tiny)balcony was the biggest we have had and it didn’t even creak!!
Al public rooms were spotless and all the staff were great.
Tiffanys was excellent for pre dinner drinks,how they coped on Royal princess without a bar of any sort I will never know.
Mayflower shop was the best ive seen.
Alternative dining was very good with exceptional service and food.
Nice to see a lot of our friends aboard.
Would recommend Artemis to anyone
[/b]This is the abridged version :roll:


Nice report Keith -

- sounds like a good time had by all - will there be any pictures to add at a later time?



Days at sea we also enjoy, also when it gets cooler at night, on our last cruise we went to the crows nest, had a drink and spent a leisurely two hours plus before dinner, watching the full breadth of the ocean before us and daylight gradually fading. Unfortunately sunset happened whilst we were at dinner.

Walking through the ship everyone seems to congregate in the bars in the centre of the vessel, with only restricted views of the ocean.

Every night the crow’s nest bar was empty before lunch. The views were fantastic and free, with the exception of your drinks.

Completely enjoyed your report Keith.



:joy: You are welcome :joy: Sorry I didnt write more about the ports but as I have said before I dont find the ports THAT important :dancer:



Enjoyed your report and look forward to more pics... Did you have your camera with you during your tour of the engine room, by chance??? The shots you've put in your album are terrific-- love the interior ship snaps!! :clap: :clap:


Great report Keith and good to meet you and Marion.

Artemis did bob around a bit didn't she that first day. I admit my first breakfast consisted of dry toast and a cup of tea, felt ok after that.

Loved those days at sea the most.

Is Marion still celebrating her 50th?



When do we read your report Lyn?
different aspect to same cruise?
Just like the cruise ,videos, when watching I always wonder if it the same cruise.


No Lyn we are on the wagon at the moment. :joy:
Yes lets see what you thought of her.
I think it may be different to mine :roll:


Master of the Vessel
Great photos Keith!!!
Must be more to the story than the pictures tell with the dramatic music????