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Opinions please


I have 3 kids, all of the age of 5, 10 and 13.

I am planning on booking a Disney Cruise for me, my partner and 3 children for the start of next year.

I am just wondering if any of you guys have been on a disney cruise with children before, and wanted your personal opinions.

Advantages and disadvantages would be great please.

Many Thanks :)
i have sailed with Disney before and they are great! i would recommend going on the Disney dream, its the best ship they have. there are loads of clubs for your kids to go to and loads of activities that they can do throughout the day. but don't let the fact that its Disney put you down, there are loads of things on board that you can do too, there are 5 star restaurants that only adults can go to, spas, gyms and adult only pools, to be honest some of the equipment on board these ships are better than other cruise lines designed for adults. A downside would be there are loads of kids running around, so this can be annoying at times. :)


Loads of kids running around is great, as my kids can make friends and leave me and my partner to relax! Thats if they want too, surely everyone is friendly on the disney ship.

But thank you for your information where did you find this from as I would like to read more or is this your personal opinion? Many thanks.

Pam in CA

I've never been on a Disney cruise but have been to both Disneyland and Disney World. If I had small children or grandchildren, I'd look at both Disney and Royal Caribbean. They are both excellent cruise lines for kids with lots to do for adults. Disney is pretty much the standard for anything to do with kids but they're also quite expensive. RCCL isn't the "Disney experience" but they are an excellent choice for a cruise with kids. They have more physical activities and shows, such as the ice skating, rock climbing, etc.


Staff member
Never done a Disney cruise but like Pam I've done the land operations. They will for sure take care of you!