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OCEANIC-Home Lines-Premier Cruise Lines-Peace Boat


Very sad news to pass along, I read on another message board that THE OCEANIC as she was last named with Japanese Peaceboat has been sold to Alang for dismantling. Very sad to learn about this. The photos are from my collection. It was a pleasure to sail aboard her when she was with Premier:

lancashire lass

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Keepsakes for sure.


Yes they are and I have a couple of models of her, one when she was with Home Lines and the other from Premier. As soon as my battery is recharged on my camera, I'll post them here. I'm just so sad that as soon as Peaceboat gets a ship; it ends up going to the breakers before long.


  1. So sorry to read about the Oceanic. Our first cruise was on it in 1971 from NY to Bermuda to Nassau and that hooked us on cruising. Though we have many memories from several other cruises since then, that first one on the Oceanic will always be special to us.


The Oceanic went to China for demolition. Think she was a very special ship and was working fine technically - completed a round the world trip full of passengers and then sailed off into the sunset when economic inefficiencies caught up with her. She seems to have gone very quickly unlike many other ships which sadly seem to sit around and rot for years. Looks like Peaceboat handled this in as dignified way as possible,