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No display of images in posts


Further to my posting in the coffee shop thread.

I found I get this message if I try and view images as a separate images as they are not displaying in individual posts.

Anyone else with this problem? I see videos embedded in posts just not some pictures and I don't know whether it is Tapatalk thing?



I'm not getting any pictures either. Just a little white square with a red cross through it. This appears to be a recent issue as I've not had it before.


I posted a screenshot if you can't see it proves me point hehe :oops:

anyway here goes.... as seen through Firefox (makes no difference which browser I used, tried clearing the cookies, cache etc.)


The image is appearing in the preview now, but probably come up as as broken image when posted :rolleyes:

I see Neil's images but they seem to be uploaded differently?


I don't think it is Pam, as I can't see my own images just using the 'normal' forum posting options

I don't know whether you see the image twice above, once is posted using the forum, the other is hosted by a photo site, I only see the second image.

eta: I see the images for the gallery on the front page