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NJVIC sails Sunday, June 4 on FREEDOM OF THE SEAS


WELCOME HOME VIC :joy: :joy:
No doubt you have tons of stories to tell..hope you had a fabulous time!
:luv: Robina


Greetings from Poland. Welcome back Vic. Can't wait to hear how you enjoyed FoS. And a belated Happy Anniversary!


Master of the Vessel
Hey Vic ;)

So sorry to hear your cruise has ended. I'm sure it could have gone on forever. Anxious to read your report about the new ship and see some photos.

Back to reality....



Hello All -

- and Thank You for all the wishes and thoughts. There is so much to tell and so little time and space - I will be covering it all in a report from beginning to end. Working on downloading some pictures. Will give some quick hits though.
The ship is the most amazing we've ever sailed. May be too big for some, but you never notice its size till you go to your cabin and look at the length of the corridor. Everything was spectacular, shows, food, people, service and yet there were people on board that belonged to that "other" forum that appeared to be looking for negative things.
Were there some disappointments? Sure not everything runs 100%. Like when all the slot machines took a nose dive on the first night and wouldn't cash out. But the casino workers dove right in and took care of everyone in under 30 minutes. Reset the computer network and were up and running. They even delayed the stage show for main dinner seating passengers and called the dining rooms to let them know people may be late for the second seating.

This is what amazed us the most - how quick and great the crew responded to anything. Like when I stopped in one of the shops on the promenade and inquired about a particular item - the crew member didn't just say "oh that's in 'The Logo Shop' she called over another attendant to watch her counter and escorted me to the other shop and right to the item. Made sure I was satisfied before returning to her own shop.Well - will tell more in report - but if anyone wants to know - Ann tried the Flowrider and I didn't.Vic.


Vic, of course, the shop attendant escorted you... that animal magnetism is still working !

Glad that it was a great cruise. It looks like a great ship. The Flowrider..hmmmm

Will be looking for your report. There are always people who see the "lint on the carpet ", already read some of their reports...


Greetings from...on a train somewhere between Rostock and Berlin. Glad to hear you had a great time! Can't wait to read the details.