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NJVIC - FoS - Maiden Voyage June 4-11, 2006



Purse or briefcase excluded. If they make the seats any smaller, most people won't fit in them. We were snug to say the least.

I had a situation with Virgin last year coming back from London. I was there for 2 days so I had a small carryon and my briefcase. My carryon weighted 14 lbs. and they were going to make me check it. I opened it up took out a pair of shoes and slacks and stuffed them into my briefcase. Now mind you there was no way I could walk with my briefcase with shoes and slacks hanging out. The carryon then weighed 12 lb and they let me go. I walked 10 feet from the counter, opened my carryon and stuffed the shoes and pants back in the carryon. So what does that tell you about their policies.


I am hysterical thinking of a briefcase with slacks and shoes hanging out of it...

Very businesslike ! But it could have been worse, they could have been the slacks and shoes you were wearing !


:joy: :green:

SOOOOO glad to see you here, Charlie. Was afraid that your bad cold might have developed into something worse:eek:

Will be deeply into issue of Blackberry vs laptop for Australia VERY SOON.

Getting CLOSER FOR ME:joy:


Charlie. you had me wondering there for a second. Thought you were teeling private stuff. Trouble with a Virgin?

Carolyn Jane

Been there, done that...they want to limit the weight in the overheads. But double standards still prevail...your carry-on can weigh more in first class...But I've been on very small flights where they weighed the passengers, too. CJ



Of course, I should have known that ...Just on the tip of my tongue !

Right after Alaska, I immediately thought of Neifu !

Common mistake and all that . If you weighed too much, did you get left behind...ha, ha...get it behind...weight too much...


In that case, I would imagine to balance the plane, they would have to be distributed one on each side of the aisle.

"Sorry Gov, you're too skinny, we need a fat one for this side !"


Very small aircraft, Keith...between some of the smaller Pacific Islands to another :D And some of these lovely islands CJ is talking about are indeed very small, just a 'dot on the map'. Luckily I've never been 'weighed' for any of these trips :roll: (ALWAYS carry my personal cocktail shaker in the hand luggage ;) )


When I was a child, I used to fly with my Father in his plane.

It was like a VW with wings ! When you landed you could see everything, kinda scarey if you did not land correctly.

Ever since I have preferred very, very large planes with all the goodies.