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Newbie here

King Cobra

Hey guys, I'm new around these forums. I have been cruising many times before but have never signed up to a forum to discuss with like minded people. I have a cruise booked on The Oasis of The Seas and am departing in a few days time. I was wondering what sort of restaurants are on the ship. I like to try each restaurant just to say that I have done it. Any information about the ship would be absolutely great. Thanks.

King Cobra

I mean, I have had a look here for cruise information regarding the restaurants etc. Can't seem to find that much information regarding the eateries. I have a few other quires that I would like answering as well - but my primary concern was actually the restaurants.
Has anyone else been on this ship before? I read some of the reviews on that particular site and most of them look quite promising.


Staff member
Welcome to the board. I hope someone gives you answers on the restaurants, unfortunately I have never cruised on Royal Caribbean so I do not want to give you incorrect answers. Please feel free to ask questions and when you return please let us know how your cruise went.

Pam in CA

Another welcome to the board. I've cruised on Royal Caribbean several times but quite a few years ago. I've never been on the Oasis or Allure so I'm unable to assist you. :(

No matter what, I'm sure you'll have a great cruise and exploring the restaurants will be an adventure.