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Newbie here from Oz


Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie from Sydney, very fond of cruising and my interest for my next cruise would be to investigate anything on the Panama Canal. The places of interest where Princess cruises along the way look incredible. Has anyone cruised Panama Canal?


Staff member
Welcome to the board. Yes I have cruised through the Panama Canal on Princess. We were on the Coral Princess on a full canal transit. I have actually gone through the canal several times on different cruise lines. It is fascinating and well worth the trip. In fact we are looking at doing it again.

It is a very hot and humid cruise, however the views are spectacular and will create many great memories.


Welcome KAZ. It was on our "B list" for yrs. It fullfilled every thing we could imagine. If you want a really neat day trip look up the Imbara indian adventure. You take a bus into the middle of Pamana [towards the Columbian border] 2 hrs . At end of the road {literally} you go down an imbankment and get into dugouts. The natives are in loin cloths and then you motor about 5 miles up stream to their village.You spent several hours in village eating fabulous foods and interacting with villagers. We took wrapped candies and handed them out. They loved the extra attention.

cheers from Canada


Welcome. I have never been to the Panama Canal, however, I am sailing to there on the Coral Princess on 12/7 for 11 days! I can't wait!