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New Zealand & Australian unhappy passengers !


The ' Norwegian Star ' passengers who were on the ships cruise from Hong Kong to the Australian port of Sydney have complained about five of the ten planned ports calls being cancelled as a result of a problem with the ships Azipods.

The ship sailed again from the Australian port of Sydney for Melbourne on the 6th November 2017 but had more Azipod problems and as a result has been adrift off the port of Melbourne for two days !

Two tugs were arranged to tow the ship into the Port Phillip area, which leads to the berth at Station Pier, but even with the aid of a third tug the ship was not berthed until about Noon today, 11th February 2017.

Although the company is now offering a full fare refund and a 50% discount off another cruise, which is not really compensation, many passengers are far from happy with the way they have been treated when it was known that this Azipod was not working correctly, when the ship arrived in Sydney !

It still sailed on her next cruise and was not put into a drydock so a full examination and repairs could be carried out, or the Azipod replaced, if spares are still available for this 16 year old cruise ship !

It seems like another completely unrealiable cruise ship is sailing in this area and the company saving money by not taking her out of service !

Passengers have been contacting the Australian newspapers and also placed a film on ' uTube as they are far from happy with the way they have been treated and the response from the company !

This maitenance problem beings back memories of the time when the ex atlantic service liner ' France ' was bought and converted into a NCL cruise ship and rename ' Norway '.

Due to what was reported to be very poor maintenance an explosion on board killed 8 crew members and injured several others !

I doubt if many passengers from Australia or New Zealand will now be keen to book a cruise with NCL, or on their ships, and I would certainly not even consider a free cruise myself !

Picture of the ship, with two tugs, in Port Phillip Bay attached.

11.02.2017 NS 1.jpg
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Latest news on the completely unrealiable NCL Cruises ship ' Norwegian Star ' is that she is expected to be able to leave Melbourne on Tuesday after work by engineers !

It is thought that the 16 year old Azipods my need replacing with the ships continuing problems since December 2016 but this would involve the ship being drydocked and be a very expensive operation which is unlikely to happen !

However with the reports from disatisfied passengers about 5 out of 10 ports being reported as missed as the ship sailed from Hong Kong to Sydney it would appear NCL need to sort something out quickly or maybe scrap this 16 year old cruise ship !

With the reputation the ship now has for missing port calls, and not keeping to the advertised schedules, it should be very obvious that people will not book a cruise on this mechanical trouble prone cruise ship which could break down well away from any land and in a tropical storm !

The compensation being offered, when the ship breaks down, is about the minimum that need be paid and there is no actual cash being offered !

Picture shows the ship alongside Station Pier in Melbourne to which she had been towed by three tugs after breaking down in what is sometimes a very stormy ocean area off the port ! ( Tasman Sea area ! )
13.02.2017 st pier.jpg