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New York playing host to a stray manatee


A manatee has been spotted cruising past the Statue of Liberty and the nightclubs and skyscrapers of Manhattan, headed north up the Hudson River.

The massive animal was spotted at least three times in the past week - first off Chelsea and Harlem in Manhattan, then in Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County.

“It was gigantic,” said Randy Shull, who said he spotted the marine mammal Sunday while boating at Sleepy Hollow. “When we saw it surface, its back was just mammoth.” It is unusual for one of the Florida natives to travel so far north, though they’ve been reported as far north as Rhode Island.



I guess he felt like a change of scenery...must have been pretty tiring though, swimming all that way north...and its amazing he wasn't hit by a ship or anything too.


Maybe it's global warming. :)

In Europe a couple of years ago the Spanish sardine fleet, which usualy works off the coast in the Bay of Biscay had to travel to Scotland to find any sardines.

Is the there someone displaying temperatures along the coast & up the Hudson River?