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New keep fit feature on the ' Carnival Vista ' !


A ' Sky Cycle ' ride is to be fitted to the Carnival Cruises ship ' Carnival Vista ' and will go round the sports deck area.

I wonder how the american theme parks feel about all these rides being added to the new cruise ships !

Not that you can really call them a cruise ship now as they are more of a large floating holiday park with a hotel added !

If one of these massive so called cruise ships was to have a major problem you do wonder if everybody could safely get off the ship in an emergency with up to about 8,000 passengers and crew on board !

Even smaller numbers on cruise ships, that have had an emergency in the past, have had problems getting everybody safely off the ship when it was necessary to abandon the ship ! .

Perhaps the cruising companies should run a free overnight ' Abandon Ship Cruise ' to see how well everybody could get off at sea from one of these 250,000 grt cruise ships !
01.04.2017 Skycycle.jpg