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New build Carnival (unnamed)


Carnival Cruise Lines (Unnamed) 135,000 4,000 Winter 2016 New cruise ship from Carnival will be the line's first since 2012's Carnival Breeze.
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There's some kind of error with the above link - this is from Funville (a thread about the 2 new Carnival ships on order to be built by Fincantiery, Italy) and this is for all scheduled for launch in 2013-2014-2015-2016 new cruise ships (on order/under construction) - along with Royal Caribbean, Costa, Carnival, Holland America, Princess, P&O and NCL Norwegian there are also ships to be built for smaller lines (plus Carnival and RCCL brands). And finally - some "CEO news" from dailymail.co.uk


I am not so sure bigger is better, too. I would like to see more ports involved. Bur Carnival is going to produce a 180,00 ton 6,600 or more passenger ship in 2019 for their brands Aida, and two more. There are still a lot of people who want to cruise, and most larger ships go out full. However, I am wondering if the larger ships can help to keep prices down, or will they more expensive still ? Actually, I think we need a very low cost cruise line ,something on the order of EasyCruise for longer cruises. Any comments ? (the new deck plan and 2016 schedule is out on the Vista in the Carnival brochure 2016 - 2017 )
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