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NCL Norway


Anyone know the status of the Norway? Last I heard she was in Asia and up for sale. I was surprised to hear that she made the voyage, I thought she would hit rough seas and "sink" as quite a few old ships have done in the past.



There were two bidders, One from Alang and one from Bangladesh. The Bangladesh one was accepted so she will be towed to Chittagong.

December 27, 2005: I have just received an email from Rajesh Shah of Kumar Steel, Alang iNDIA. He reported that he inspected SS Norway on the 11th and made a bid. However, a Bangladeshi breaker won the contract and she has now been sold for breaking up. She will depart for Chittagong soon.


This has really fouled me up (but this post should get me out of the
dreaded stairwell). In anticipation of the Norway going to Alang, I have
been composing a song to mark her demise. Since I can't think of a way
to change to Chittagong, I will post this anyway.
To the tune of Clang, Clang, Clang goes the Trolley:

Alang, Alang, Alang went the Norway
Alang, Alang Alang went the bell
The great ship’s on her last voyage
The bell sounds her final death knell

Ding, ding, ding goes the signal
Last command’s on it’s way
Finished with engines the message
The Captain has had his last say.

Bang, bang, bang go the hammers
Burn, burn, burn goes the torch
Steel plates piled on the foreshore
And the once proud paint starts to scorch.

Alone and forelorn sits the Norway
Echoes of granduer still sound
Empty the cabins – or are they?
Are those ghosts that the wreckers have found?
norway01 copy.jpg


Chitta chitta gong gong.
Bye bye to the ship. So long.
Oh what an awful shameful end.
Our farewell wishes now we send.


Too funny to cry, but too sad to laugh. I guess we all knew this would happen, but why oh why couldn't DeDa come through THIS time. HOW much better if she had just slipped beneath the waves.

And, ummmm, there could be endless possibilities based on this......

Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang
Chitty, Chitty, Alang, Lang, etc.

No, this is NOT a funny subject; don't think we need to go there:shock:


Have any parts of her been sold off as memrobilia?
eg a Statue from the Normandie is now in the Summit dining room

NCL had to do all that shifty stuff like saying it was sold to a company in Malaysia, could possibly be a casino or a floting hotel, but NCL have saved themselves a heap of cash by not having to detox the ship as they should. I guess its not only them doing it. Dont worry about the workers or the enviroment. Some just tow them to India.

From www.news.com.au

Greenpeace members held in India
From: Reuters From correspondents in New Delhi
January 03, 2006

INDIAN police have detained around a dozen Greenpeace activists during a protest over plans to scrap in India a French aircraft carrier which they said contains tonnes of highly toxic material.

Environmental group Greenpeace, which organised the protest outside the French Embassy in the Indian capital, urged Paris and New Delhi not to allow the Clemenceau to reach a scrapyard in the western Gujarat state next month without first being decontaminated in France.
The group says that vulnerable scrapyard workers in countries like India risk developing serious health problems after handling toxic waste.

"We call upon the Indian Ministry of Environment to scrap their decision to allow this ship to come to India," Greenpeace campaigner Ramapati Kumar said, adding India did not have the facilities to handle the ship safely, unlike France.

"India is not a dumping ground for France," Kumar said.

The ship set sail from the French naval base of Toulon last week for the massive Alang ship breaking yard in Gujarat, despite similar protests in France.

The French Embassy in New Delhi did not immediately comment on the Greenpeace allegations.
The environmental group says the decommissioned ship - which served in the 1991 Gulf War - is fitted with hundreds of tonnes of hazardous material, including 500 tonnes of asbestos.

The French Government has said there are only 45-50 tonnes of toxic and non-biodegradable materials in the ship, according to media reports.

"We don't want toxic scrap to come to our country," Greenpeace activist Vivek Sinha said as dozens of policemen surrounded protesters.

Greenpeace said in a report published in December that thousands of workers involved in the shipbreaking industry in countries like India, Pakistan and China have probably died over the past two decades due to accidents or exposure to toxic waste.

From www.news.com.au


Mother Earth is getting very, very angry.

For every action against the environment, there is a reaction.

Greenpeace sounds the warning and usually end up in jail.

Short term financial gains for corporations, long term misery for people.

It would seem to be common sense to take care of our planet and people but as is said " Follow the Money ".

Many bad things are done by very few people and corporations.


On again. Off again

This is becoming quite a farce.

[FONT=arial,helvetica]NORWAYs' Scrap Deal Demolished?
January 20: France's TV FR3 report that Star Cruises have cancelled the recent sale of NORWAY to Indian scrappers. The reversal came from fears of potential legal action being taken against the company for breaking an agreement to not sell the asbestos-laden ship for scrap when she was towed away from Bremerhaven last year. Various environmental groups have recently put pressure on European nations for selling toxic ships to Asian shipbreakers where standards are more relaxed. There are further reports that suggest the Malaysian Government has been investigating the sale. The NORWAY, inactive since a fatal boiler explosion in Miami killed eight crew members in 2003, remains at anchor off Port Klang, Malaysia.[/FONT]


For the fans of the Norway this is good news. I was never a fan of the ship but its history is interesting. I guess another chapter was just added.



We took our first cruise just a few weeks after the accident. She was still docked at Miami when we arrived at Carnivals dock. From the outside she still looked good at the time but I imagine that after all of this time it would take a lot to get her back to cruising condition . I tried to take some pictures from the transfer bus as we passed her but they didn't turn out.