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NCL Gem - Not happy


After recently finishing a cruise with the NCL ( gem )
I noticed I had what I thought were a few mosquito bites, but later discovered they were bed bugs. After quite alot of emails to ncl all that was done about it was an apology through a letter.
And then no reply from my further email.
other issues I had,
The crew on the boat were constantly trying to sell every thing to us.
Dirty plates and cups.
ice cream always melted or out of service.
Rude customer service.
After some itinerary changes , very little info on what to do at the new ports.

I have been on 3 other cruises and would highly recommend them over ncl.


Hi floidip

Welcome to the cruisingtalk website.

Very sorry to read about your problems on the Norwegian Gem.

Sounds like the cabins on this ship need to be fumigated to get rid of the bed bug.

Welcome aboard and many thanks for your report.


Not Happy, Thanks for your comments and for posting here on CT.

Sadly, bed bugs are on the rise in many places, including luxury hotels in the US, especially NYC. As we travel more and more and people move around the world, these things are becoming more prevalent and resistant to chemicals used to eradicate them.

In my experience, most of the cruise lines are not all that great at customer services, especially after you've left the ship.

I recently took my first cruise on NCL, the Spirit from Boston to Bermuda. I thought the line was more like the other mass market lines than different and our experience was really terrific.

I'm sorry you experienced this floidp, and hope your next cruise is a more pleasant experience.


Bed bugs

I am about to go on that ship. My biggest fear is BedBugs. Eek. What deck were you on or cabin? I am going to be diligently checking.:crap: