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Navigator Of The Seas


Has anyone been on her and what is she like?
Have recieved a flyer for two nighter Soton /Soton £199.


Being that it is a two day BOOZE CRUISE wouldn't have ANYTHING to do with it--eh Pobore :roll: :roll:


Go for it, Keith!

Even if you still prefer P&O afterwards, it is worth trying a different kind of experience.

First, she is BIG.
Second, she is 138,000 tons!
Third, does P&O offer a rock-climbing wall?

PLUS all this:

Ice-skating rink
In-line skating
Royal Promenade (open 24 hours)
Johnny Rockets® '50s-style restaurant
Portofino Italian Restaurant
Chops Grille
Ben & Jerry's® ice cream
Vintages wine bar
Boleros Latin-theme lounge
Casino RoyaleSM
Golf simulators
9-hole miniature golf course
ShipShape® Day Spa and Fitness Center
Full-size basketball court

I know what you are thinking - I'm NOT climbing the wall!

Well, they also have - Themed bars and lounges - where you can relax!


Relaxing is the whole idea Dani.Only problem is that im not into "rice beer".
Holidays are a bit of a problem as well.
I have got the price down to £190 all in.


Sorry it must be the hayfever that has been brought on with dusting around the house:roll:
Sorry Manuela I am operating two computers at the same time.:shock:


That is okay Keith, understandable to be confused with Manuela and me.

She is Younger ! :green:

She has Dark Hair ! :duh:

She does not live in Kansas ! :joy:

But we are :

Both Night Owls. :joy:

Both studied Education in University

Both love ships and Kroooz Forums. :luv:

Both are aware of your Hayfever and give you
quarter !


I realize this is an old question, but I'll answer it anyway.

Navigator Of The Seas is a very nice ship. It is very big, with very nice interior decor, and lots to do. There is no getting bored on that ship, oh no.
I debarked yesterday morning(Jan 24th, '09. Was previously onboard in November, 2007 also.