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Nassau & Key West


I have just been looking at excursions which we can take when we arrive in these 2 ports.
All excursions are 2/3 hours & seem very pricy.

The description in the Celebrity brochure describes Nassau ;
'as a lively city, where we will be greeted by the sound of steel drums and the clatter of horse drawn carriages.'
My question; 'are there horse drawn carriages waiting at the port, which do tours of the town?'

Dotted with history & festivals

Has anyone any advice for a worth while visit?



Nassau is a walkable town, but we also caught a boat from the straw market across to Paradise Island, where we toured the Atlantis complex, which was absolutely bril.

I have always wanted to go to Key West, but so far ihave failed to do so.




We went to Nassau and Key West in September 2004. In Nassau my daughter and I went to go swim with the dolphins-interesting but a bit overpriced at $100.00 each. My wife and son went into Nassau(walking distance from port) and toured the straw market and took carriage ride. She was not impressed with the market- VERY pushy local vendors-everybody wants to braid your hair etc. She did enjoy the carriage ride-A 1/2 hour ride through the sites in town by a very nice local man with descriptions of the sites and local history-priced at only $10.00 per person-two to a carriage.

Key West was an alternate port because of a hurricane a few days earlier. BEAUTIFUL town and very quaint. Full of history etc. Almost everything is right there within walking distance of the port. A lot of souvenier and t-shirt shops :roll: . Quite a few unique local restaurants and bars. Would like to go there again someday - we arrived at 8 am and had to leave port at 2 pm because the town was being evacuated due to another hurricane-we went AROUND two different hurricanes that week and saw sun and calm seas everyday. If we did Nassau again we have said we would go over to Paradise Island and the Atlantis resort.(Worlds largest natural habitat for saltwater-I think. It looks like a really neat place!!!!

Hope you have a good time.

P.S. the carriages were near the straw market-about a 10 minute walk from the pier.-The pier in Nassau looks like it can accomidate about 5-6 ships at once. There were 3 there on our visit and things moved pretty fast.