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My First Post - Intro - Hey Hey Hey from Mike

Hello fellow cruise enthusiasts. I just found this site, set up my profile and am introducing myself in my first ever post here. I'm writing from Sunny Florida but live in LA (just here for the holidays).

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!

Happy cruising.


Pam in CA

Welcome, Mike! Always glad to see a fellow cruise enthusiast. Bet it's warmer in FL than LA right now. It's been pretty darned chilly here. :) Cooler weather and traffic are among the few things we can be grumpy about.
Thanks Pam! I did get a couple of beach days while down here, fortunately!
I fly back tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to bring a little sunshine with me.

Thanks for the welcome!

Pam in CA

Jeez... I hope so. It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Gorgeous today, though, even if it's cooler than normal. <grin>

Pam in CA

Mike, I just did a double-take when I saw your avatar and it dawned on me who you are. I must be still full from Christmas because I'm not usually this slow.

A really BIG welcome to CT. I'm really glad to see you here and I hope you feel free to give our members previews or tips on your great iOS and Android "Ship Mate" apps. Without a doubt, the best cruising apps available.


Staff member
Hey Mike. Glad you could come on over. We should resurface our email discussion!