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MSC Rhapsody - sale of ship being negotiated with Mano Cruises of Israel



If the Israeli company Mano do go ahead with the purchase of this ship lets hope they have more luck with her than their ship ' Dream ' which is now the Japanese Peace Boat. :hoh:

She was more or less beached at Rhodes due to a stability problem and over flowing sewage tanks ! :bigeek:

The Rhapsody was built in 1977 for Cunard and was named Cunard Princess.

She was sold by Cunard in about 1995 to the Italian company Star Lauro and later transfered to MSC cruises.

She is expected to leave MSC at the end of 2009.

Photo of her below when with Cunard.

Cunard Princess.jpg
A photo with an advert have appeared for the Israeli company Mano Cruises new ship 'Golden Iris ' although no dates have appeared for any of her cruises.

The write up said that the cruising business in Israeli is booming so they may keep all the present ships they operate.

Copy of the advert below -
Eleven years after buying this ex Cunard cruise ship she is still cruising in the Mediterranean area with Mano Cruises.

After being laid up for about a year the company have sold their other cruise ship to a new Russian cruising company and has been renamed ' Knyaz Vladimir ' !

She is operating cruises around the Black Sea ports.

This ship which had been named ' Royal Iris ' while operating for Mano Cruises had been built about 1965 for the then British owned P & O group company ' Southern Ferries ' .

She is 22,080 grt. and had been named ' EAGLE ' and operated on a service between the UK and Portugal.

Having been refitted at a Greek shipyard the picture shows her in her new Russian colour scheme arriving at the port of Sochi.

03.06.2017 ex eagle 2 (2).jpg