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Ms Delphin

Discussion in 'Other Cruise Lines' started by Cruisefan, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    my pleasure. forgot to add the photo of her entering the yard on the 10th. From all her class mates she has been renovated to the highest standard, as herbert hey does a good job as an engineer, whereas he is not so hot as a maketeer. lets hope they'll do better. Howver he lost tons of money with the greek vessel Delphin Yoyager (last Happy Dolphin), so if they stay with one ship and keep a low profile they can live off their past passengers, as german cruisers are a loyal bunch. Don't like jumping too much, like car buyers. once a mercedes, always a mercedez LOL
  2. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    I agree about the German passengers, they definitely stay with what they like...hopefully Delphin will do well, she should do with the right people behind her and she had a good reputation which caused many to do repeat cruises aboard her in the past.

    I certainly wish the new venture well, although I guess it is going to always be tempered with what happened before and the weak Euro too. Although a cruise line cannot survive on reputation alone, they should do well if they keep it to one ship until they become established and get that foothold back into the marketplace.

    Good luck to them :)
  3. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Cruisefan

    Many thanks for the update.

    I will be watching this expected return to service with great interest in view of there now being an Indian partner in the business.

    It appears that the new Indian operated ferry service between India and Sri Lanka, using the chartered ferry ' Scotia Prince ', has already run into problems with the ship being arrested in Colombo harbour for what is reported to be unpaid bills and crew wages.

    The company behind the new service own many of the duty free shops in India so would appear to be financially sound !

  4. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    Hi Neil,
    yes indeed, seems that all past Ventures, remember also Louis Cruise line and the Ocean Live, went quikly down hill (or deep sea?). But this is different, as the Indian is a silent Investor and the vessel is going back to her previous owner/operator. So there is no real comparison to the Ferry service.
    Still, the market is getting crowded in Germany, with Princess Daphne returning next April as well as FIT Berloin (ex Spirit of Adventure) as well as Columbus2 (ex Insignia), so should be interesting to see how it all pans out.
    Stay tuned
  5. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    If Delphin is used on niche type itineraries, she should do well. Granted there will be Daphne, Deutschland, Columbus 2 & Berlion also around the same time, I have found that the German's...like alot of the British...love their older, smaller & more traditional ships as they can open up a whole world of different ports that are uncommercialised and where the big boys such as TUI and AIDA cannot get into.

    When I sailed from Singapore to Savona aboard Allegra in 2010, I got to know many of the German passengers and they all wished cruise lines had Allegra sized ships as they felt more comfortable aboard them and more in touch with the sea than the bigger ships.

    So although Delphin will be rejoining the small ship fray, she will still have a fair number of repeat cruisers from before and will take her place with the other smaller ships and as long as she is managed well, then I think she will survive quite nicely and be a very popular little ship again :)
  6. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    Passat Kreuzfahrten's new website is in the process of going live. Users of the old website will see little change in layout in the new version, thus keeping a measure of continuity, perhaps.

    Leinen los fuer die MS Delphin

    The German media are buzzing about the 'rebirth' of Delphin, as are the global cruise industry media, such as Seatrade...

    Indian investor aims to revive Delphin in Germany

    The new investors & operator seem to be starting off on the right foot with Delphin and hopefully it will pay off for them too.
  7. Rabbitz

    Rabbitz Deckhand

    Well it is good to hear the old girl is not yet razor blades.

    Thanks all, for the info.
  8. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    Hey Ally,
    it's great to see that with the new lay-out it is permissable now to also psot a Link, which was an absolute nono before. I changed the link you had posted as it was leading to the Imprint and it is not possible to move to the index page. I hope you approve. What is interesting, that the former owner Herbert hey is not any where visible, his son Andreas hey is being named as managing Director, albeit I guess that Senior is lurking in the back ground. Andreas is a lightweight to say it mildly, where his dad is a seasoned operator, lacking marketing skills, his fortune being the ship operational side as he is by training an engineer.
    Now having calles some contacts here in germany, many are voicing surprise and some even say " I'll believe it when i see it".....
    happy cruising
  9. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    Ello Cruisefan :)

    Yes, links to cruise company websites etc are allowed here, so posting more information about Delphin's latest adventure is fine :)

    I wonder if the son, Andreas, is more involved due to the problems that his father had before...a case of different name at the helm to prevent the previous bad taste in the mouth from returning. Its been done before.

    As for how successful the latest venture will be...well we shall have to wait and see...if its run right and marketed properly and bills are paid on time, then it should go well (in theory). Otherwise Delphin could end up following her sister Enchanted Capri to the knackers yard...which would be a shame since she is probably in far better condition than most ships of her era.
  10. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    today Passat Kreuzfahrten publlished a Pressrealease, stating that at the moment there are 35 former Crewmembers onboard the Delphin, to assist the Drdock workers during her Class work at the Werft Viktor Lenac Shipyard (see vessel shortly before docking at the yard). Passat also stated that all crewmembers were paid their due past owned wages and some time in March 200 more of the old crew will re-join the ship, before she commences her cruise schedule on April 3rd 2012.
    Frankly speaking, I think she had had her time, with so many new ships arriving world wide and new (first-time-cruiser) seeming preferring larger, more modern ships, I can only see the Delphin "living" of her past passengers. However Repeaters are getting older and a yoounger new type of cruise affectionado is grown onboard another bread of ships.
    Happy Cruising & X-mas
    passat_delphin_01_Werft Viktor Lenac.jpg
  11. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    Delphin and her owners face an uphill struggle to keep her viable for the very reasons that you state Cruisefan, it will be interesting to see how things pan out for her next year when she goes back into service. There is likely to be alot of financials riding on her being successful.....they Euro crises will not help matters one iota.

    Still, no-one can blame her owners for being optimistic and they seem enthusiastic enough to give this a try one more time...it won't be easy but at least they are trying, and for that they should be commended.

    Happy Christmas & a prosperous New Year to you too, Cruisefan :)
  12. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    With Delphin returning to service out of Venice on April 3, 2012, I wonder if I will get to see her when I am in the city later in May...would be good to get some photo's of the old girl if I can. From what this Seatrade article is saying, her old crew are very eager to get back in business...hopefully their enthusiasm will be rewarded with a successful relaunch....

    Delphin upgrade under way at Viktor Lenac Shipyard
  13. Rabbitz

    Rabbitz Deckhand

    Out of idle curiosity, I did an AIS search for Delphin. She is still sqwaking and is in RIJEKA Croatia. She's been there a while:
    Last report: Jun 21, 2017 03:04 UTC
    Ship type:
    Passenger (Cruise) Ship
    [​IMG] Bahamas
    Dec 11, 22:00
    IMO / MMSI:
    7347536 / 311067500
  14. Neil

    Neil Deckhand


    She had been in use in the Croatia area as an accommodation ship for military use, having been chartered, but has recently been advertised for sale.

    Problem will be undating her to meet all the new Solas regulations which may be too costly in view of her age.

    Two of her near sister ships have also been offered for sale for some time but not attracted any buyers so as they are now all around 40 years old they could be heading to a ship breakers yard.

    As the new Russian owners of the ex Mano Cruises ship ' Golden Iris ' which was built as the ' Eagle ' for the then UK P&O owned Southern Ferries in 1971 have said they are after more cruise ships for operation in the Black Sea area it is possible they could be interested depending on what work would need to be done for her to operate under the Russian flag.

    The ex ' Golden Iris' now sails as the ' Knayz Vladimir ' ( Picture below of her arriving at Sochi about the 6th June 2017 - )
    03.06.2017 ex eagle 2 (2).jpg