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Ms Delphin

Discussion in 'Other Cruise Lines' started by Cruisefan, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    Ms Delphin of German operator Hansa Kreuzfahrten has engine trouble and was forced to aboard her rpesent cruise. On Sunday all passengers were disembarked, by ender boats in the bay outside the French port Villefranche-sur-Mer. Th owner in hamburg does not know what the situation is presently has cancelled he next cruise.
    Delphin_auslaufen.jpg DELPHIN_092710.jpg
  2. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Cruisefan

    Welcome to the cruisingtalk website.

    Many thanks for the update on the ms Delphin.

    When passengers are disembarked it sounds as if it could be a serious problem.

    There are several of her sister ships still in service so lets hope they can get her repaired quickly.

    If you hear anymore news, please let us know.

    Welcome aboard.
  3. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    German press today reported that the courts in Nizza have arrested the MS DELPHIN. Seems the owner has piled up non paid bill of €2,4 and the courts have taken the vessel as a "bank guarantee". whether Mr. Hey the sole owner of Messr. Delphin Kreuzfahrten can come up with the funds is said to be less than 50% as he also owes to tour operators, port dues, bunkers. If indeed he looses the Delphin he may also lose the ms Dolphin Voyager which he has on time charter from Greek owners.
    we shall see.
  4. Neil

    Neil Deckhand


    Many thanks for the update and sorry to hear the news about the Delphin.

    If the owners of the Delphin Voyager have not been paid for the charter of the ship she could also be taken back by her owners.

    It looks as if this could be the last season the company is in business unless the owner gets any financial help.
  5. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    On The Move Again !

    Australian Cruise Weekly is reporting today that the dispute between the ships operator and the ships owner has been sorted and the ship is now on her way from Nice to Venice.

    The next advertised cruise, which is for ten nights, is scheduled to depart from Venice on the 14th October 2010.
  6. Stranger01

    Stranger01 Deckhand

    The vessel had no technical problems, this is an excuse for tourists. The crew is well prepared and could not have committed a gross technical error. The ship owner makes economic errors, delays salary crew of 4-5 months. Despite this people trust him and work. But this is not a long time already.
  7. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Stranger01

    Welcome to the cruisingtalk website.

    Information on the Delphin has been sourced from various world websites which may not always be 100% accurate although there certainly seems to be a dispute between the ships owner and others who would appear to be waiting to be paid.

    If wages are owed to the ships crew then it is possible some ports may not handle the ship.

    Welcome aboard.
  8. Stranger01

    Stranger01 Deckhand


    Ship stop at Venice for unknown time? may be road.
  9. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Although she is showing on the AIS ship position maps as at Venice there are six other cruise ships in port with her but non are picking her up on their webcams.
  10. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    On October 12th Delphin and it's subsidiaries have declared Insolvency. here the company statement (in German). On Oct. 14th the courts have appointed Lawyer Olaf Büchler with the case. The Delphin Group also wons HANSA TOURISTIC in Bremen which has on charter the Daphne and river vessels. Mr. Hey the owner of the group is still optimistic that he can continue the operation. we shall see. Maybe the hedgefund AURELIUS which had bough the DEILMANN REEDEREI may be interested?
  11. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Picture of the Delphin Voyager now laid up at Perama in Greece.

    Her future use is not known.
    18.10 DELPHIN VOYAGE.jpg
  12. Stranger01

    Stranger01 Deckhand

    Now DELPHIN is in Venice. The crew can go to town. While there are stocks of food and water. A bit of fuel. Just the crew is unknown about the salary and the fate of the ship. I think it will swing many professionals working on this vessel, no longer work with this company and the same shipowner. But who, as a non-native crew will be able to handle it so carefully?
  13. On behalf of 220 crew that are on board of MS Delphin I would like to say that the only thing that we are dreaming of is to receive our salary that we didn't get from May. Since the disembarkation of the passengers on the 16th of May the only person who is somehow interested in us from outside is the agent. Mr. Hey is feeding us constantly with promises but that's enough. We were patient 12 days in Villefranche sur Mer and now it's 1 week since we are in Venice. The whole crew showed their personal dignity and gave Mr. Hey the chance to pay out the salary. Unfortunately he didn't appreciate his crew. Now we are waiting for ITF help. Hope dies last!!!!
  14. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Hi Crew Member of ms Delphin

    Welcome to the cruisingtalk website.

    Having worked with P & O Cruises for over 30 years it is always sad to read of a ships crew not getting paid when a shipping company has financial problems.

    Lets hope you soon get all the wages you are due and are able to return home.

    We are always interested to hear any news on the ship.
  15. We have fuel till monday 25 October 2010...And then..no electricity at all...no preparation,refregiration of food...we have already almost half a ship absolutely without electricity.Yesterday we called ITF...Waiting for monday...hope to receive bunker with diesel fuel....and salary in the future.With fresh water..everything is ok...we took yesterday 200 mt.Crew started to panic....
  16. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    Many thanks for the update on the on board situation.

    Please keep us informed of how things are going.
  17. Fuel is almost finished.Tanks will be totally empty between tuesday and wednesday.ITF sad that we will receive bunker in time...But who knows...:laugh::roflmao:
  18. Neil

    Neil Deckhand


    The AIS ship position transmitter on the ms Delphin is again transmitting the ships position so it looks as if some fuel may have been received on board.

    She is still alongside at Venice.

    The company website has said that a statement is expected on the 10th November 2010 about the future of the company and its ships.
  19. Neil

    Neil Deckhand

    There has been no updates from the company regarding their cruise ship ms Delphin although her AIS position is not showing at present.

    The 22 Day Christmas and New Year cruise due to depart from Barcelona on the 16th December 2010 is still advertised on their website.
  20. Cruisefan

    Cruisefan Deckhand

    The Owner or shall we say ex owner Mr. Herbert Hey has circulated to the media a report in which he blames the insolvency lawyer for not helping the crew.

    Today a bank account was was made availed for donation, as €80.000 are needed to repatriate the crew home. As for outstanding wages of a claim y ITF (Union) of one million Euros there is no word and little hope at present.

    Today also the Chief Engineer said rest of supplied bunker will be used up and as of tomorrow lights out onboard. meanwhile it was reported that Italian Authorities (order Police) refuses to let the crew from Ukrainian to debark as the don't have a valid Visa. This is indeed a very sad affair.

    The next 2-3 days will be very crucial.
    Lets hope for the best.
    Spasibo (Thank you)