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Mona Lisa Due to Open Next Month !


Wonderful, I'm so glad that's another saved from the breakers. And that's a wonderful night photo of her in drydock. Thank you for that nice shot of her Zoodust.


Having done some searching tonight and also chatted to my friend who runs the Australian classic cruise ship website ' ss maritime ', I have come up with a link to a report about the conversion of the ex cruise ship ' Mona Lisa ' for use as a hotel at Duqm.

From the report it appears that her engines are being kept in working condition so that she can be moved to a different area if required.

She was built at the UK shipyard of John Brown & Company at Clydbank in Scotland, and entered service in 1966 for the Swedish American Line as the ' ms Kungsholm '.

In 1979 she was bought by the P & O Cruises Group and re-named Sea Princess.
One funnel was removed at that time and her appearence changed.

She sailed with both the P & O Cruises and Princess Cruises fleets.

She remained with the P & O group until 2002 and was then sold to Lenardo Shipping who chartered her out to various companies including the Japanese Peace Movement who used her for some of their round the world ' Peace Boat ' voyages .

Her present owners acquired her in October 2010 and she is now named ' Veronica '.

Link to the latest news on her below -

Article: Desert Oasis



Oh man, why does Oman have to be so far! My hubby would love to spend the night there. I guess we'll just have to keep "settling" for the Queen Mary.


I should have posted there is also a new Facebook page for Veronica Duqm. There are quite a few photos on the page. Looks a lot different inside than when I was on the Mona Lisa.


Thanks to mother Google i found the Facebook page here>>>>and the page wiith the wonderful photos of the floating Hotel Veronia. they have indeed done a fantastic job. But look at the large, empty newly constructed area, which in the coming years will grow to a substantial Container throughput business. So, booking Veronica for a leisure hotel stay is out of the question.
Happy Cruising & New Year


Thank you Zoodust & Cruisefan :)

WOW..what a makeover for the old girl...she looks very impressive and they have certainly not spared the cash in doing her all up. It is a shame about where she is in respect to the containerport but she might have soundproofing, so might not be so bad as it looks......she is quite beautiful...it would be great if QE2 could be made over in similar fashion :)


She looks superb Richard, thank you for posting....its always great to hear that one of the old ladies is being taken good care of...its a pity other ships of her era (and earlier) have not been treated so well by new owners.

Although I am in Oman in May, sadly I won't have the opportunity to go see her...maybe a landbased trip will be in order :)


That is a beautiful boat with an interesting shape and simple yet elegant colors. The smokestack sort of looks like the top of a champagne bottle! I wonder if it's as fun to ride in as it is to look at?


Veronica (ex Mona Lisa) is an ex ocean liner & cruise ship that is now a floating hotel, Suri.....she has been saved from the breakers and given a new life...something quite rare thesedays when it comes to old ships :)


I'd loved to visit VERONICA myself. When her sister the REGENT SEA former GRIPSHOLM was with Regency Cruise Line, we got to visit that ship when she did trips out of the Port of Tampa. What a beautiful ship it was. When KUNGSHOLM was bought, her forward funnel removed and this is how you see her now. She was the SEA PRINCESS with Princess Cruise Line.