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Mona Lisa Due to Open Next Month !


The Scholar Ship - the M/V Mona Lisa is to take up the role

The search for an oceangoing campus by seven international universities has ended with the announcement that the 29,000gt Mona Lisa has been leased for three years and will be renamed The Scholar Ship.

Mona Lisa, which entered service as the trans-Atlantic liner Kungsholm in 1966 was purchased by P&O in 1978 and operated as Sea Princess and later as Victoria. When P&O sold her in 2002 she sailed as Mona Lisa for Holiday Kreuzfahrten until late last year.

The Scholar Ship, which will provide ‘a multicultural academic and living environment,’ is to make her maiden voyage from Piraeus in September with 600 students. Ports include Lisbon, Panama City, Guayaquil, Papeete, Suva, Sydney, Shanghai, Okinawa and Kobe.

‘In addition to the programme’s extensive onboard curriculum, each port of call provides an extensive educational platform from which students engage in academic field study, independent travel and shore excursions,’ a release issued by Peter Gainey, The Scholar Ship’s regional director Asia Pacific, said.

The University of California, Australia’s Macquarie University and Cardiff University are among those involved in the project, which has the support of Royal Caribbean Cruises and its chairman Richard Fain.

‘The Scholar Ship’s goals of building a globally competent and culturally sensitive workforce cannot be more timely and essential,’ Fain was reported as saying last year.
Mona Lisa.jpg


1979 Mona Lisa Funnel Re-fit

Some 1979 black & white pictures from the German shipyard when the two funnels were removed from the Mona Lisa and she was re-fitted with one re-designed funnel for service with Princess Cruises.

Her accommodation area was also extended at the same time !
14.02 SEA PRINCESS 3.jpg
14.02 SEA PRINCESS 1.jpg
14.02 SEA PRINCESS 3 (2).jpg


Mona Lisa Could Be Scrapped !

It has been reported from Sweden that the planned berth for Mona Lisa at Gothenburg would only be available for five years so the present plans to preserve the ship there have had to be cancelled.

It is expected that she will now go for scrap when her present charter finishes in at the end of August 2010.


Mona Lisa sailed from Bremerhaven last night and this morning is heading up the North Sea towards the Norwegian port of Molde at 16.3 knots.

She is due to arrive at 06.30 hrs on the 4th July 2010.


Another Static Project For Mona Lisa !

News in this morning is that a project has been started to save the classic cruise ship mv Mona Lisa and take her to Stockholm.

Plans are said to be for her use as a hotel and student hostel.

Local authorities are said to look favourable on the project but one small problem is the depth of water that would be required for her to be on a permanent mooring but it is hoped that could be solved.


Mona Lisa On Round Uk Cruise Before Her Final Cruise !

Mona Lisa sailed from Keil yesterday on a 13 day round the UK cruise.

On her return to Bremerhaven, on the 7th August 2010, she will depart on her final cruise which is a 25 day cruise.

Map and ports to be visit are shown below for her round the UK cruise.

Her first port will be at Tilbury where she is scheduled to dock on Wednsday 28th July 2010 at about 07.00 hrs.

Picture of the ship in the Keil Canal yesterday and details of the ports to be visited on her round the UK cruise below.

Click on itinerary for larger version of details.
27.07 mona lisa kiel canal.jpg


Mona Lisa returned to Bremerhaven this morning and will depart later today on her final cruise.

This is a 23 day cruise which will visit Greenland and Iceland.

Picture of Mona Lisa at Bremerhaven below -

Just been having a look at the schedule for the final cruise of the Mona Lisa and was surprised to see that having sailed from Bremerhaven this evening she is now heading to Plymouth in the UK where she will arrive about 08.00 hrs on the 9th August before going on the Cobh in County Cork.

She is expected to arrive there about 09.00 hrs on the 10th August 2010.

She then heads to Prince Christian Sound in Greenland where she is expected to arrive on the 14th August followed by a visit to Narsarsuaq on the 15th August 2010.

Picture of the Prince Christian Sound below -
08.08 mona lisa bremerhaven.jpg
08.08 prince christian sound.jpg


The Mona Lisa called at Plymouth, UK, today and is now just clearing the English Channel and entering the Irish Sea.

When she passed the Lizard lighthouse she was cruising at 19.5 knots having been delayed slightly by a large number of fishing boats in the area.


HELLO Mrs.Linarcos,
no sad to say, sh remains in European waters until it becomes clear whether she will find her final resting place in Gothenburg, or be sold for scrap. Friends of mine working onboard say many rumors but no definite official words.....


Hi Mrslinarcos

The final cruise for Mona Lisa takes her to Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands before she returns to Bremerhaven on the 31st August 2010.

The plans to have her in Gothenburg as a static ship fell through due to only a five year lease being offered on a permanent berth for her.

Talks are now taking place with the harbour authorities at Stockholm where is is suggested she may be used for student and hotel accommodation and a maritime museum.

Artists impression below of what the ship would have looked like in Gothenburg had the plans gone ahead.

It was also intended to return her to her original appearence !


I did not know before that Seebear was also named NEIL ! :hoh:


Hi Neil,
sorry ol' chap!! I thought since I do get up much earlier than you and have some first hand infos which could answer the listers inquiry, I was bold enough to answer. didn't mean to rain on your parade, excuse moi cil vous plait!!
Have a lager at your fav.Local on me!!!!


Hi seebear

I was up later than you yesterday, ( or earlier today ), having been on line until about 00.35 hrs UK time this morning ! :hoh:

Just send the Euros over - No time to go out drinking ! :)


Thank you for the information from both Neils :) :) I love the artist's rendering, I would love to see her restored and looking that grand again. Although, she looks fantastic now. :) :)


Hi Everyone

Mona Lisa sailed from the port of Ringaskiddy about 15.30 hrs today. :)

This is the deep water berthing area for the port of Cobh.

Having passed Old Head Kinsale tonight she is cruising at 16.35 knots as she heads round the foot of Ireland and heads to Prince Christian Sound where she is sceduled to arrive on the 14th August 2010 at 03.00 hrs.

Ringaskiddy is famous for having the Pfizer laboratories where the ingredients for the Viagra tablet are made. :hoh:

Pictures of Mona Lisa in port today and Old Head Kinsale.
10.08 mona lisa at cork.jpg
10.08 old head kinsale.jpg
10.08 old head kinsale 2.jpg


Mona Lisa is continuing on her cruise of Greenland and today is at Qeqertarsuaq.

The area is also known as Baffin Bay.

Some pictures of the area.
20.08 D1SCO BAY.jpg


Mona Lisa has now had a day cruising around in the Kap Ferval ( Cape Farewell ) area before leaving the coast of Greenland.

Her next port of call is Grundarfjordur in Iceland.

Pictures of the Cape below.
24.08 CAPE FAREWELL 2.jpg


Today Mona Lisa is visiting the Icelantic port of Grundarfjordur.

She is anchored out of view of the local webcam which shows a coach on the quay-side.

The temperature there today is shown as 49 f at 11.00 hrs.


Mona Lisa has remained in port until 22.00 hrs this evening which was four hours later than shown in the voyage schedule.

She is now underway again at about 15 knots and heading to Rekjavik where she is shown on the AIS ship position maps as arriving at 05.30 on Friday morning, 27th August 2010.