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Mexican Riviera cruise


My hubby wants to take Holland's seven-day Mexican Riviera cruise. It runs from San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cabo. I'm thinking about booking the March 10th excursion as a Christmas gift but is it safe to travel to Mexico? I know people are going to say it's fine as long as we stay on the ship but we're definitely excursion people. If we can't get off the ship, we might as well not go at all.



Earlier this year some of the cruising companies dropped calls at several of the mexican ports due to local problems.

The companies do monitor the situation all the time and if they feel it is unsafe for passengers to visit the port then the call is cancelled and sometimes another port call will be made instead or a stay at a port extended.

I think you can rest assured things will be checked out before the ship arrives in port.


My in-laws went to mexico last year, even though the news was saying it is unsafe for tourists. They stayed in the tourist areas down there and were just fine. I think as long as you don't try to cause any trouble and you stay out of the rough areas you should enjoy yourselves.