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Mercy Ships "Caribbean Mercy" - ex. "Polarlys"


Good day to you all,

My very first posting here! I'm wondering if there are anyone near the US Gulf Coast that has some pictures information on the above mentioned ship. She is an ex-Norwegian Coastal Steamer built in 1952 and sails for mercyship.org as a hopital ship. But the latest I heard is that she is being decommissioned and is tied up somewhere at the Gulf Coast.

Any news or pictures of her is appreciated.

have a great day and safe voyage to you all, even if it is just a cruise down to the mall!


Welcome to the board !!

I remember seeing pictures on the television of this ship. She was near New Orleans.

I am sure someone will be able to post some pictures.

We did a cruise to the mall today but near as much fun as a sea cruise.


Hi, Pakarang, and WELCOME:joy:

It NEVER fails to amaze me what one can learn from a question on the forum:clap:

There have been three Coastal Steamers, Polarlys, per link below. Scroll all the way to the bottom for info on sail of Polarlys II to the Mercy Organization.

Also, fascinated by reference to World War II photo collection of Polarlys I, owned by a "Norwegian fellow named Erik" ERIK, is that YOU???


Polarlys III currently sailing for Hurtigruten, but without webcam

Also found the following about Caribbean Mercy





Thanks Liz and Dani for nice words,

You are correct, there has been 3 ships with the same name Polarlys. They have all three sailed in the Hurtigruten (Coastal Steamers) in Norway.

The first Polarlys was known along the coast as the "strom bird" as she disappeared in a viloent storm in 1930 during her route. Newspapers started printing and roumors on docksides in her next port, was all based that the ship with everyone on board had been lost at sea. After riding the storm for more than 2 days, she finally blew her horn in the early morning hours and woke up the entire city letting them know that she had made it against all odds. An extremely fascinating story now.

Second Polarlys is the one sold to Mercy ship, she was built in 1952 and inherited the name after the storm bird. When she retired from hurtigruten, she gave the name to the new ship to keep the name alive.

Thanks for all help. And if you are interested in my story of a life at sea, check out my website which is growing day by day! Welcome.



Oh WOW. Your website is now securely saved to my favorites. Can't WAIT to have time to read it:clap: :joy:


Great website. Great stories. I will keep reading as you continue the construction.

What a grand adventure your life as been to this date. Joie de Vivre .

Please keep posting, we would all enjoy your contributions !!


Pakarang, I did the Christmas/New Years cruise on Symphony in 2004/2005. Would seem you were onboard, then:joy:

Thought you might like this picture of Symphony and Harmony together in Antigua, along with Sea Cloud II. I took it from the air enroute to Monserrat.

As I recall, Symphony lost the tug of war between the two ships:shock:


Welcome aboard. The site looks very interesting, but since I am at work(place of employment) I will have to read it later. Again Welcome:clap:


Welcome Pakarang!

Welcome to the kindest forum on the net, Pakarang! :joy: I'm afraid I can't help you with your question at all as I am a complete ignoramus about such things, but I just wanted to welcome you to the forum!

Your website looks fascinating, I look forward to browsing it in detail soon. Looks like I will learn a lot!

Liz - that was just the kind of picture I was hoping to capture in Arrecife! Well I will just have to go back and try again - well, someone has to! ;)

Many happy postings, pakarang!!


Hi Pakarang....what a great website.:clap:

Like others, I've had a brief look, saved it to 'favourites' and will explore in depth when time permits.

Hope you enjoy your time here....welcome to the forum!


Thank you all for comments.

To be very honest, I started my website because it was a dream to accomplish one by myself.

In the future, I will just add on to the pages as I going along, spending time to update it wih all sorts of information and pictures. My hard drive is full of pictures and stuff after 16 years at sea, and I'm eager to share it with you all (- especially when I recieve so good comments from you.)

My fascination of the oceans is obvious, but the fascination grows only larger when supported by equally interested people like all of you.

Thank you and welomce back each and every single time.

And Liz, yes, we did loose the tug-of-war to harmony8). But did you see the 'thugs' of crew from the engine department they had? It was all a day of fun - proud to having been a part of it. At least we lost with pride.... hahahaha..until the Harmony sailed and replaced their sail-away song with "We are the Champions".... Do you remember that? That was so funny.

I posted several of my picrtues from the meeting between the ships on my site for you to enjoy. I wish I had the pleasure of having you at my table in the Crystal Dining Room but unfortunately, I did not have that opportunity.

Thank you all for welcoming me into your screens!


:joy: It would have been WONDERFUL to be at your table.

You might enjoy seening my photos from that trip, PLUS, all the fun of the STALK that the forum did for me:dancer:


Enjoyed your pictures of Symphony in drydock at Lisnave. One of my all time favorite bridgecam captures is this sunbather
sunbathing symphony.JPG



Welcome and what a great website you have. I loved "My View from the Bridge". Can't wait to explore the rest.


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