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Major Security Alert at UK airports


It is reported on UK News that a major security operation is in force, against would be bombers sabotaging planes.

Hand luggage has been banned from inside the cabins on flights to the USA from UK. The only items allowed are medicines and food for babies and some other necessities. Everything taken on board has to be in a plastic bag where the contents can be seen.

No information has come through, whether the weight limit has been extended, as people are repacking hand luggage into the main luggage. What is happening to peoples hand cases after repacking.

Hope this thread can supply more information, as we are going on a coach tour of the Yorkshire Dales today.



A full and constantly updated BBC News thread is here...


Everyone flying internally and to/from internationally from ALL UK AIRPORTS are not allowed any hand luggage. Extensive security searches are being carried out so please make sure you allow extra time for checking in for your flights as delays are occurring.

The security risk is very high and will remain as such for some time, if flying in the coming weeks please keep watching your airline website for any information. Very few airlines have information to give you at present as this is only just breaking, however security searches are already increasing as of the early hours of this morning (UK time).