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Mach hooky it you know it

Mach hooky it you know it's just going to get ripped away really easily so you don't have here I'm going to the bottom here you don’t have to worry about it and you decide to do not reveal anything like that going to give it a little bit a up like 350-080 that and then go to the other side which ripped just a little bit but that's okay to you no stress crafty and it doesn’t have to be perfect and how it %uh people that stressed out about their Iraqi mean perfect I am it now like that okay 55 to be patient decide to Navy Pier kitchen range middle okay now what you going to do you take your packing paper are packing tape I mean not going to find my edge which .
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Sorry, I did not understand a thing you wrote. You had a 6 line paragraph with absolutely no punctuation marks. You need to study the English language a little more, and don`t run your words together.