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London, the capital city of my country, a city on this forum, I have slated, mainly for not being very clean and other reasons. Yesterday I visited the city as a tourist and found a wonderful contrast to my earlier comments; a city one can feel proud of.

The port cam in KC shows the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, tourist attractions, but the real shipping industries occurred in the area around Tower Bridge, and the now developed Dockland area. Areas we always visit in London. Yesterday we visited an area called Surrey Docks. Cruise ships use Tilbury or odd occasions Greenwich, not very often reaching the Pool of London, by the Tower Bridge. Many areas around the Tower Bridge are old wharfs converted to commercial projects, some to pubs, and one if any Shakespeare lover is reading the Globe Theatre.

As with most major cities barges, mainly with containers ply the river. One of the latest attractions in London is the London Eye. A large wheel where passengers travel in Capsules, at a very slow rate, but views, especially on a clear day like we had giving a different perspective to the views of London as you gain and recede height. A marked contrast to travelling great heights in a high-speed lift.



That sounds wonderful Norman! It is good to hear some good news about London, with the terrorists attacks lately...

Reading your report just makes me want to go there even more!


Hi Norman

Glad you enjoyed your visit to London, It does seem to have cleaned itself up a bit now especially around the tourist areas. Pleased to see by your wonderful pictures that you had a lovely clear day, you can see for miles cant you. :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:



Thanks for your remarks. I glad it was not my imagination, the whole place seems to be transformed, except for the prices. We actually used a free coach service from Coventry, used airmiles for the London Eye, Tower of London, and they also included a river cruise.

Rotherhithe in the East End was another surprise, the development of the old docks were amazing. Pubs were half the price for drinks and meals as well. Even Canary Wharfe is changing for the better, in the East Indies Dock area.

The Olympics has obviously changed London, but I can remember reading the bad reports of New York a few years ago. I have visited the city many times, and my remarks are the same as my amended view of London, a smashing city.



I was pleasantly surprised when I walked around St Katherines Dock ( just a stones throw from the Tower of London, close to the Thistle Hotel) in April.
Had a Dutch feel to the whole area.
The only problem that I found was that the 'workers' waiters etc all spoke a broken English; even a policeman that I asked for directions.
St Katherines Dock 2.jpg
St Katherines Dock 3.jpg
St Katherines Dock.jpg


Although London can be a fascinating place to visit, I'm afraid I agree with you Keith, after working in the City and Tower Bridge area for over 30 years and travelling back and forth each day from home for 3 hours (one and a half hours up and one and a half hours back) by public transport, on top of a minimum of 8 hour working day, it all wears a bit thin. Needless to say I dont go to London much now. :roll: