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Liverpool airport hotels


I was wondering if anyone has any experience of Liverpool airport hotels ? Seems there are a few close by. Has anyone used any of them ?


Are there any big names there Middy...such as Premier Inn, Crowne Plaza...?

I have stayed in those but not at Liverpool Airport...as generic hotels go they are fine, decent sized rooms etc and if the Manchester Airport ones are anything to go by, they are very well soundproofed too (aircraft noise, that is).


Premier give a great value room...pretty much identical rooms wherever you stay in the country. You can get some decent offers too with Premier, so could be one to look into further, Middy.

Holiday Inn and Hilton are pretty much like for like...except the price.

For a one night pre/post airport stay I would probably go with Premier...especially if they have a restaurant on site too, granted its extra but even then you can often find deals that include evening meal and/or breakfast. Premier airport hotels often have a free transfer service too, or one that is about a fiver. Check out their own website to see what is on offer :)

I am trying RadissonBlu this year, I normally use Bewleys at Manchester Airport...I want to see if the extra expense is really worth it.