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Kodiak Alaska


Staff member
Not many cruise ships head here anymore but if you get a chance Kodiak is a very interesting place to go to. Kodiak has a large Coast Guard base, Of course you won't be able to go directly on the base. Many fisherman are stationed out of here. Kodiak is a rainforest. One of the things I find interesting about Kodiak are the WWII bunkers that they have kept as museum pieces so you can see how they were prepared for the attacks by the Japanese. In these bunkers they show a lot of the equipment that was used during WWII. You can still see the mounts for the cannons that protected the coast line.

Of course I am a WWII fanatic so I really enjoyed the tours here, however many people do not realise that Alaska was attacked by Japanese and during WWII these bunkers were very important even though they never had any battles here during WWII.

Pam in CA

Interesting. I'm a big fan of "Coast Guard: Alaska" which features Coast Guard rescues. One if the bases they feature is the one in Kodiak. Would live to go there some day. :)