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Juneau Alaska


Staff member
Juneau Alaska is the capital of Alaska. The only way into Juneau is by ship or plane. The airport in Juneau is actually on an island. Juneau is a long thin city where one side is the ocean and the other is a glacier. Juneau at one time had one of the richest gold mines in Alaska. You can still see the remains of that mine.

Juneau does have one of the bigger shopping areas in Alaska. One of the highlights of Juneau is to take the tramway to the top of the mountain. There is a fantastic view from there but not a lot of other things to do at the top of the mountain. Mendenhal Glacier is also a highlight to see in Juneau. You can get up close to the Glacier or you can take a raft ride down the river that was created from the glacier.

Juneau is a great place to do a whale watch from or to take a flight seeing tour out onto a glacier. Many people will do a fishing tour out of Juneau. Like other port cities in Alaska you will find a bunch of the general shopping stores, however here on the back street there are a lot of great shops with true Alaskan art and clothing.

Pam in CA

I've been on whale watches in different parts of the world (plus we see them semi-annually going south to Baja and then north to Alaska) but the most amazing experience was in Juneau where we were able to see them "bubble netting" just off the boat.

I was going to do a Mendenhall tour but might revise that to the tramway. I'll have to look at my options again. :)