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Is Disney a good bet for adults?


I was wondering if taking a Disney cruise was an enjoyable experience for adults? They look like they have some fun ships with good shows, but I want to know from someone who has gone on one firsthand if the entertainment is adequate for adults.
Hello, I love Disney for adults.:) We have done 21 DCL cruises and all but 8 of them were just me and my husband.

The adult pools, hot tubs, spa and night clubs are great. We are not gamblers so we dont miss the lck of casino.
I will admit if your real late night people then you may be disappointed as many people go to bed by midnight on DCL because they have young kids that will be up early.
They have 3 adult only clubs on the Mgic and Wonder (havnt been on the Dream yet).
One is a sports club with snacks,many TV's with different sports event, a bar and several game tables for chess, foos ball and stuff like that. During the day it is open to alla ges, only at night are these clubs adult only.

The 2nd is called Sessions and is a quiet, romantic style club with soft piano music and of course a bar.
3rd is wave Bnds or Rock N Bar D depending on the ship and is live music and dancing. for part of the night, also a DJ late night plus they have several adult only shows in there and game shows. Most are hilarious!! Most clubs close by 2 a.m. but as i said the crowds are gone by midnight.

The adult only restaurant is Palos and is excellant for food and service. You must make reservations or this place and its well worth it.
The family shows are all worth seeing for all ages.
If you dont want a smany younge rkids at dinner, request late dining.
There are several adult only events on board too.

The only place you have loud routy kids is the Mickey and family pools which is to be expected.
But you can avoid them if you want to.
Kids clubs are all on deck 5 and are sound proof for the most part.

Yes there are tons of kids on the ship, after all it is Disney but they do a great job keeping them separate from adult areas. we love kids so having extra kids around doesnt bother us. we love watching them have fun.
I fyou deicde to try DCL I would suggest you join a cruise meets or roll call thread for your cruise so you meet other dults on your cruise. You can link dinner reservations with them if you seem to hit it off too. I think you my be surprized to find there are many couples who cruise Disney.

We have never had problem meeting other couples on any of our cruises. Please go to the DCL website and send off for their free DVD. It iwll show you some of the adult areas on the ship and on Castawy Cay.



Thank you so much for your in-depth, detailed explanation! Disney definitely sounds like a cruise carrier that I will consider in the future. I read that they came out with a new boat recently, and that got me thinking about sailing with them.

*Bella Vita*

I was looking for the same type of information. Thank you so much Mom, Grandma x4 for taking the time to share your knowledge.

*Bella Vita*


I've been wondering about cruising on a Disney line as an adult, too. We're saving up for our first cruise and thinking about making it a family affair, which would mean plenty of kids to bring along, between all the extended family we have. Thanks for sharing all this information, momx4.


Its Disney. What's not to love? But then again I'm basically a big kid at heart anyway ( if they'd let me into the ball pit I'd jump straight in),