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Independent World Cruise travel agents

Mike O

HI.... I am writing from the UK and am looking for a reliable Independent Cruise specialist to assist me in arranging a World Cruise in early 2015.. I have cruised some 5 times and was assisted by "Chose and Cruise"
run bu a wonderful guy by the name of Phil Dargan. Sadly he seems to have disappeared off the map.
At the moment I am single which will entail me being hit by the exorbitant Single Supplements !

Although I am, as said Single, I am quite willing to share a cabin... with either a male or preferably female passenger... One can live in hopes.......?

I look forward to any reply or proposal


Hi Mike

Good luck finding a female friend to join you on your world cruise! I'm also a single traveller and hate paying the huge single supplements!
I'm not quite ready to do a world cruise because my finances won't allow it but if you can't find a friend to travel with I would recommend a P&O World Cruise as I know some of there ships have single cabins with no supplements.

Good luck and enjoy!