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If you always cruise with one cruise line, what would tempt you to try another one?

Discussion in 'General Cruising Talk' started by Ally, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    Almost everyone has a favourite cruise line and usually for a variety of reasons...value for money, itineraries, choice of ship and so forth.

    But what would tempt you to go try another line?

    Or are you so totally satisfied with your favourite cruise line that no amount of temptation would make you change or even try another?
  2. Bo Didly

    Bo Didly Deckhand

    A free upgrade :biggrinbounce2:, inside to ocean view.
    Ocean view to Balcony :xmas:.
  3. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    hmmmm...well having tried other lines and now with a preference for Costa...any other line would have to beat Costa on price, itinerary and no single supplement for me to try them....:)

    How about the rest of you...what would tempt you onto another line?
  4. tjandluke

    tjandluke Deckhand


    I prefer Costa like Ally but I am tossing the idea of doing a Hawaiian cruise next year (meant this year- still not caught up on the fact that it is 2012) so will need to think further afield than Costa.

    We are also hopefully doing another Far East cruise in 2013. At this stage I am 99% sure it will be with Costa. I just like the Italian way of doing things. It works well for us.
  5. Capricruiser

    Capricruiser Deckhand

    Try the other Italian line, MSC. Similar itineraries as Costa and no single supplement on most cruises.
  6. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    I have looked at MSC to maybe try them out Chuck...they had a cruise that peaked my curiosity aboard Lirica for this spring, Abu Dhabi to Hamburg but although it was longer than Classica's Dubai to Venice, the package with flights was nearly two grand over what I paid for Classica.

    I might give them a try for a South America/Italy repositioning maybe....those itineraries are more in line with Costa price wise, especially as I always include air too.....although a personal bugbear with me is their contract with BA, that could be a stumbling block as I hate the airline with a vengeance and have no alternative but to use cruise/air :eek:
  7. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    Does anyone else have thoughts on this to share?
  8. We used to cruise exclusively with Royal Caribbean, but then found a good price on Princess, liked them but I also like Celebrity, their prices are higher but well worth it. Nowadays we don't have a particular cruise line that has my loyalty. It all depends on who is travelling with us and Itinerary :)
  9. Ontariotrekker

    Ontariotrekker Deckhand

    No or low single supplement combined with different ports would make me consider another line. I am starting to take a longer look at some of the river cruise itineraries since many are lowering the supplements.
  10. Capricruiser

    Capricruiser Deckhand

    Costa single supplements have dropped to 50% while on MSC it's zero to 30%. My last few solo cruises on MSC have all been zero single supplement.
  11. Ally

    Ally Deckhand

    The most single supplement I have paid with Costa is 30% and that was on Costa Victoria last year as a solo in a twin cabin. All my other cruises have been in single cabins with no supplement applied...the one coming up aboard Costa Classica is 0% single supplement :)

    The quote I have had for neoRomantica for March 2013 is an inside twin as solo use without any single supplement too.
  12. Capricruiser

    Capricruiser Deckhand

    Of course with single cabins there's no supplement but I usually want the added space (and a balcony) that a regular cabin provides. That's where the no supplements are great deals. I know I've had to pay the supplement on my last couple Costa cruises but it wasn't much.
  13. BooBoos Mum

    BooBoos Mum Deckhand

    My first cruise with MSC on the Opera got both me & the daughter-in-law to look up & say WOW ..but that's not why i'm on her again it's i have euros left & she doesn't go were we want to go next year down Portugal way so it has to be another line , hence i'm really interested in the ones that go from Liverpool so much nearer to me & still goes were we want to go ......you always remember the first time :laughalot:
  14. vegabound

    vegabound Deckhand

    A cruise line sailing the Caribbean in the summer to ports other than the "Big 4": Bahamas, San Juan, St Thomas and St Maarten would get my money.
  15. vegabound

    vegabound Deckhand

    Let me clarify. I mean sailing the Eastern/Southern Caribbean because I'm not a fan of the Western Caribbean.
  16. cruznjan

    cruznjan Deckhand

    We usually cruise with Celebrity and Royal Caribbean. But for our upcoming Hawaii cruise we'll be on Carnival, because the price is right, and the itinerary fits into my husband's insane travel schedule.
  17. haroldwilliams

    haroldwilliams Deckhand

    I always look for itinerary and price.
    I hope we can lower the port taxes and security charges but that does not seem the case.Competition should prevail, not set prices among cruise lines.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2017
  18. Solent Richard

    Solent Richard Deckhand

    For me itinerary is now the most important factor with one exception - trans-Atlantic crossings on the Queen Mary 2 being it.

    Then the ship is the destination.

    But to answer the OPs question more specifically, I would guess curiosity as to life onboard a different cruise line and the excite,met of visiting new ports of call.
  19. Rhondee

    Rhondee Deckhand

    Itinerary is mostly the deciding factor. RCCL is my favorite. I love Celebrity and the new Princess Cruise Ships as well

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  20. viality

    viality Deckhand

    The itinerary and the room interior