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I find it interesting


Staff member
I find it interesting that many people who cruise or head to Alaska complain about the mosquito's. Yes there are mosquito's in Alaska but I do not find them any bigger or more bothersome than any other place I have been to. I spend a lot of time around water and the woods so perhaps I am use to mosquito's but I have never really seen that many mosquito's in Alaska.

If you are not from a place that has many mosquito's I am sure they may bother you but they really are not as bad as people say. IMHO.


As long as we're chatting about squitos, no one likes getting bit. It's better to bitten in Alaska then Central America and other tropical areas. Many mosquitoes in the tropics carry Malaria and Yellow fever. So before you go check with the CDC web site, it has a list of countries with infectious diseases. Check with your doctor too. Pack some deet.