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I do not like this part of the cruise !


The attached picture says it all. This is from The Galaxy.

I have chained myself to the balcony railing.

I have hidden out in the most inaccessable public loo.

I tried going backstage and pretending to practice.

I picked up a breakfast tray and walked the wallways.

Even submerged myself in the pool for minutes at a time.

BUT THEY always find me and make me do that walk ! :cry:

It just does not seem fair that they make you get off the ship!

They seem to have no trouble welcoming me and my wallet onto the ship ?

"Giv'er a drink Gov, show'er the Casino " Coo !

I believe that my time has come to show them who is boss !

On my upcoming cruise, I will not leave.
I will call the press.
I will flatter The Captain.
I will mention that I am related to Warren Buffett. ( Not, but sounds good )

Okay, Okay, I will offer to pay for another week ! :roll:
leaving galaxy.jpg


That is a new way of exiting Dani.
When we left in Galveston, we used a new walkway which was acessed via Deck 3, much lower than the webcam which is situated on deck 7.
Not sure when the image was taken as I have looked in the archives for yesterday and cannot see that arrangement on the deck.
Galaxy Cruise 271 exit.jpg


Quite right Dani...HIDEOUS part of the cruise! :shock:
You forgot to mention that perhaps you were sharpening your fingernails :D ...all the better to leave gouges in the (newly-varnished) rails as you are dragged off, kicking & screaming. :( :(

Well, that's what I do anyway :roll:


Just noticed that departing gentleman appears to have liquor container firmly gripped in right hand.:D

THAT should make parting somewhat less of a sorrow:dancer:


Cruise Comedian
Once again, I'm on the opposite side. I love cruising, but I can't wait to get home:

1. To tell my "real life" friends and family all about it

2. To tell my internet friends here all about it (that line between real and internet is about to be blurred this June)

3. To start planning my next cruise




Why does it not surprise me that you are the only one that :

"Rolls down the gangway laughing and scratching ? " :)

It has got to be something to do with air down South.

Our nephews moved to Laurel, Mississippi a few years ago. They have not been the same people.

Why, why, they seem to be happy all the time ! :joy:

P.S. Bet you will not be so happy to leave Bavaria.

Be sure to take your tricycle for those mountain rides. :dancer:


Cruise Comedian
Dani, you are absolutely right about me not being happy when I leave Bavaria - I have built up so much anticipation for that trip.

Weather is springlike down here - cleaning up my bike to get my birdlegs in shape. Wolfgang called earlier - weather is warming up there also. He said his bike business is booming, cutting in on his forum time LOL. Hopefully he'll have some bikes we can use, so I can leave my trike at home. Heck, I'll stick a unicycle up me bum:shock: in order to tour around Ronsberg:dancer:



People who live where it is warm are always laid back- they just cannot rush around like those of us who live in colder climates- we have to to keep warm.



You need a bike built for two !

Hopefully both seats going in the same direction.

Talk about being a backseat rider...you could choose to have Jeff or Wolfie
as your partner.

Turn left, no turn right...speed up will you....pedal faster...do not hit that rabbit....

Sounds like my husband when I drive. :)

You are correct Jackie...

In the deep southern Islands, I can barely move around. The people that live there are not even sweating.

Aruba...you mentioned my favorite Island.....I keep trying to get back there also. It takes a longer cruise or one out of San Juan to do it.

Princess does have the Crown going there this winter ...hmmmmmm


Cruise Comedian

You are partially right about those of us in warmer climates. Our attitudes are definitely laid back. But Louisiana is more than warm; it is darn HOT, so our bodies move very quickly from one air-conditioned place to the next. But even the intense heat of a Gulfcoast summer doesn't change our calm demeanor.


Ps Not even a Cat. 3 hurricane can change our calm demeanor for long LOL.