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How Not to Park a Mega Size Cruise Ship In Sydney, Australia ?


With the 1020 feet long Voyager of the Seas due to start cruising from the Australian port of Sydney it has been announced that she is too big to pass under the harbour bridge and when at the Ocean Terminal she will overhang the terminal berth by about 36 feet.

If Sydney wants these cruise ships to call at its port it seems the Sydney Port Authority needs to urgently provide the proper facilities for these mega cruise ships as it would appear that Ocean Terminal is not suitable !

Picture of the 137,276 grt. Voyage of the Seas below -
14.06 voyager.jpg


Currently, when the Queen Mary 2 visits Sydney, she has to berth at the Garden Island Naval Base, as it has the only wharf big enough for QM2, as it obviously cannot fit under the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and is too big for the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay.



Hi Christopher

Sydney should have done something about berths for the large cruise ships over 15 years ago.

If they want the cruise ship passengers to visit New South Wales, and spend their money there, then they need to get moving and provide some more berths for these mega cruise ships before the companies start to look at other ports to use in Australia which do have the facilities.

For passengers joining a cruise in Australia it is easy enough to fly them into a port to join a ship.

It has always been understood that Garden Island, in Sydney, is only a temporary berth.


Sydney is my home town.. You said it true. Its not a big port when compared to other ports of the world. Sydney government and tourism is taking steps to change its short comings to concentrate on future tourism


Hi joshuathomas

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More news on this problem of berths for the larger cruise ships at Sydney has just come in today.

" Gavin Smith, who is the Australian M.D. for RCL Cruises, has said that the Aust $ 60 million being spent on the new berths through the bridge is a waste of money !

Berths are needed east of the bridge if Sydney is to be a regular port of call for these newer larger cruise ships. "

Without these berths I think Sydney could start to loose the calls by some cruise ships as most other Australian ports have more than one berth for these mega size ships.

Passenger do not expect to have to be landed by tender at a major Australian port !

If you have any other comments to add please feel free to do so.

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