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Historic Passenger Lists


I may be mistaken (altough I rarely am) but I seem to recall seeing a
link somewhere to a source for old passenger lists or manifests. I am
particularly interested in ship arrivals in Canada in the early part of
the 20th. century - 1900-1930. Does anyone remember or know of
such a site?


Terrific stuff....now, if ANYONE can find 'historic passenger lists' to Oz from 1946 onwards, I'd be forever grateful.:pray:

I've been searching for years, our (usually) wonderful Mitchell Library here in Sydney hasn't got them...the Dept of Defence refuses to give me the information! I'd just REALLY like to find out how my wonderful French mother managed to arrive here in Oz in 1946!!!!!

Not too difficult you would imagine....but it has been a hard road these last 50 years or so while I have been trying to pick up just a 'small' amount of my family history! My mother arrived here in 1946....and I refuse to believe that fantastic records exist from 1900 onwards...but asking for something around 60 years or so is way too difficult :roll:

And...before you ask, I have searched the French records (well, as much as my limited knowledge of French would allow) My mother was awarded the French Legion d' Honneur...but that doesn't seem to mean much either, if you are looking into the recipient's 'life & times'...and where they went afterwards.......?

OK, I know it was 'wartime' but.......any assistance or suggestions would be appreciated!!!!


Holy Hannah, your Mom was awarded the WHAT?:joy: :green:

There has got to be a BLOCKBUSTER Hollywood movie here, just WAITING to come to the screen.

Cannot imagine why the Dept. of Defense would refuse to give you this info, after all these years????? Time for a "Freedom of Information" Act in Oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Liz.....you are quite right...would make a good movie! It's the highest award the French bestow.

Synopsis....young French Jewish girl becomes member of the Resistance in Northern France......is taken captive in Paris....transported to Dachau concentration camp for several years....survives that and is liberated...chooses not to return to France but be repatriated to 'the other end of the world'. Meets survivor of Changi concentration camp (my father), they have one child (the Gondoliere).

After the death of my father (when I was 19), starts to talk to the child about those painful years, then dies herself some 6 months later....hence my lack of knowledge about how she came to reside here. I am aware that most of the European records would be gone by now.

We do have a "Freedom of Information" Act here in Oz, with a statutory 30 years until access is granted. For some reason, I am still denied access to her records....which makes me certain there ARE records somewhere. :roll: and also wondering what else is in those records???? Perhaps I'll never know :(, but I'd like to put the whole 'jigsaw' together one day.

Liz said:
Holy Hannah, your Mom was awarded the WHAT?

There has got to be a BLOCKBUSTER Hollywood movie here, just WAITING to come to the screen.

Cannot imagine why the Dept. of Defense would refuse to give you this info, after all these years????? Time for a "Freedom of Information" Act in Oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



OMG, Robyn, this gets more and more incredible. I would go nuts, not knowing whole story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a lawyer, call the newspapers & TV stations. start a website. DEMAND THE INFO, you certainly have a right to it!!!!


Erm...been there, done that, over the years Liz. Still no plausible explanation and as you know, government departments can be a 'law' unto themselves when they choose it.

Didn't mean to blab so much about my family history....I don't talk about it often, but c-to-sea 's post got me thinking someone on this great forum might have been able to point me in a new direction for research.

I may just have to be content with the information that I DO know.

Now...back to cruising!


genealogist here,

Now you have perked my interest. Interesting. We have the French involved.
From reading and tracing my own French family, it can be difficult to get the French to cough up info. I will say it doesn't help being American when I do my requests. Could always say I was from Canada....Just kiding Canada friends.

Now instead of looking for manifests of arrival, how about manifests of the
departure ?

Have you done a family history prior to 1946 using both married and maiden names ? That is always great fun. I access the French Internet quite often.

If you want me to brouse around, let me know names of family ...and if you know of siblings etc. that might have survived.

I love a mystery. It took me awhile but I finally got my French family back to 1600's with no information but great-grandfather name.


Dani.....I know a fair bit about my mothers French history, and how she came to be at a 'holding camp' on the outskirts of Paris, prior to being 'transferred' to Dachau :shock: Those records, I know, are not available (and that would be no surprise). My mothers siblings have long departed this earth, but it was from them that I managed to put those pieces together of the 'jigsaw'.

It was her repatriation to Australia by ship that I am interested in, and I suspect it would only now be from here that I could possibly gain that information....one day! Thanks for the offer though :D


Master of the Vessel
Hello Robyn :)

Here in the United States all government records are sealed for 72 years and your search would be in that time period. I have done extensive geneology on my Father's family.

Sources I would recommend:
1. Mormon Church Family history library (indispensible)
2. Check her marriage license (I assume she was)
3. Australian Census records (there are often tiny little notes on the side)
4. Even a German Geneological Society would have the passenger manifest for France. It was a common gateway to the United States. Only problem could be the date.
5. Any immigration/passport information you can sieze. Certainly she must have become a citizen of Australia?

Good luck. It is a lot of fun and teaches you a lot about other countries in the process.



Wolfgang...thank you for the link. I shall take time to look through the site when I think I can bear it.

Jeff - thank you for the wonderful suggestions, I have tried a few of those before, but you have given me further avenues to pursue. And gosh, your records are sealed for 72 years, whereas ours are only (allegedly) 30 years. So maybe in 2018 I might learn more....hope I live that long! :roll:

Many thanks to all both here on the forum and by PM's for your help...just gotta love this 'international family' of ours. :luv:



English census 100 year closed spans ! So I am up to 1901 with my family.

One problem for genealogy searches, living long enough to see the
information !

Jeff, another crazy family seeker. I love it ! You are correct, in seeking you learn so much about the history of the times, country, etc.

My search has led me around the world. Had done mine and my husbands, now have 3500 people in my database. Love to connect with far flung family and give information.

Cruising comes into the picture as we find them imigrating ... I did not have any come through Ellis Island for it is too late ...but that website is great.

Can you imagine fellow cruisers the type of ocean trip our ancestors endured to reach a new land ?

I am glad I travel on the modern ships. :whew:


Jeff, many thanks for your additional research. I have been down the National Archive road before, but it was some time ago. It lead me to the Dept of Defence 'restricted' files and there everything stopped.

Might be time for me to start fresh enquiries. Thanks again!